2 Hours!

This is the most difficult Quest I have done so far, I thought.

Spent 2hours to hunt this Yellow ball, 2armours used. Ganged by the aggresives monster.. zzzz

Thought after collect the items will be over. I move to another map without armours, died!! wwww Too many monsters I can't heal myself and out of potions..

At last, moved to another map. I guess its over.

What is this screen talking about? I don't know.. ww

Next, answer questions. (I emailed arisa for help...)

Why does every chapter must answer questions.. =.=

Oh Next Quest is World Quest III chapter 13!! Should be easy... I guess..



Lately I posted so many personal... I'm sorry lol

I continue my world quest at Jpmm on the night. Blue stone is easy to drop, sometimes it dropped 2pcs at the same time.

Purple stone is difficult. I only drop 1 in about 1hour.

I did not get the yellow stone. I give up at 10blue stones (I think is more, because I did not pick up) and 1 purple stone. Yellow is nothing at all...

Only Windgirl drop the stone? Isn't? .... What is Wingirl name in Japan? I can't find it at Ohisama.aikotoba?... Not animal? I think.... Jpmm still nobody mix it, hm????

(So many question after so long I did not play MM www)



I was watching this drama last week. It was good... www

I had 2days holidays. Monday and Tuesday... I went to Mount Kinabalu and stay 1night with my family.

Also went to a Dairy Farm... I take many pictures, this one I take with my phone >_<

aaaaa... tomorrow back to work, holiday ended... zzzzz



最近は、仕事はたいへんです。あああ... 頭がとても痛いです >_<

Soon will be holiday again in Malaysia, alots of works need to be done before the holiday. I becomes busy and always worried about the process.

This is the SS I took at FaceBook, This is my Farm.

This is someone the farm that someone from Shinigami. ww

Looks so much better than mine.. zzz

Anyone play there? Please come visit me at FaceBook sometimes.. ^_^

Tonight I will have Japanese Class, during the weekend I will be busy with my family. We'll have a trip to Mount Kinabalu.

P/S: Tokichama, I am a Chinese who live in Malaysia. My grandfather and grandmother are from China long long time ago. In Malaysia, there is 3 main Race - Malaysian, Indian and Chinese. There are also other race like Kadazan, Dusun, Bajau and many many... www

Please visit this website, about the State I live ^_^

http://www.sabahtourism.com/jp/ - これは日本語で。


Lost in 漆黒の扉

I don't remeber when is the time, I thought I enter Silver Door. But actually I was in the door of Darkness.

It was a intresting action in Fbz. I go to the middle of the Map, I got killed by the person who owned 3 Parapoongs.

Suddently, there comes a players with Green TheUnknown, NeoBinokio & Scorpio.

The player attacked the Parapoongs in just few hit. All died in just 2 Seconds I think.

Then the player went away.

It was a good show. ww

Just a little story other than JPMM.

I thought I can hunt something in Aumm, but nothing is intresting. Unless you buy a boxes from the MixMall. I realised that, in Aumm... you have to spend $$$$$$$$$


A little surprises from a friend - PeKeNNA

I don't understand why she gave the gemble Boxes to me, but it was a friendly gift.

All I want to say is Thank You ^_^


Two Old Man?

Today, I've been calling by anakin to play aumm.

At night guild chat with Macadamia, arisa was online. They talking about their Birthday, Macadamia was on 10th September & arisa was on 11th of September.

When Macadamia telling his birthday date, arisa was unexpectedly said : ohoh, Oldman.

I was like : Haaaa???... wwww

I'm talking to the 2 oldman in the guild, hahahahahahaha

At PZ today, the result is not good. Only boxter drop everytime I hit. The rate is 100% but items is bad.

Very very lag today... I disconnected and go to sleep.. ZZzzZZzzZzz

P/S: Received a mail from WantToDevil lastnight, he said MixMaster will be take over by the Company name "AuroraGames", for Korea and Australia's MixMaster. Except Japan MixMaster.

About this, I don't really care what changes will be, as long as I still can keep my items and cores. But I hope everythings will change to Good Way.


Specially for かずひろ

I keep thinking about your birthday since 10th sep, I want to send you e-Cards but I cannot find any good one for you. Friday I was too busy and I forgot untill latenight your birthday already passed.

Happy Belated Birhtday to you. ^_^


After So Long...


I'm sorry because I am a little busy since Thursday. I hate Thursday, but at night after all day frustrated and stressfull working time. I'm glad that Tokichama came to Blue Sever, he kinda light up my day.

I woke up with a smile on my face on the Next Day Morning.. wwww

I was doing World Quest and heading to Valcan Valley, suddently in guild someone was talking. That I thought only me & arisa in the guild. I couldn't read what they were talking about?? Untill he told me he is Tokichama. wwww

I was all in surprised. I don't know what to say!! (*o* )

I was in Manta's transformations because I'm doing quest, I want to take a good shot. Luckily my armour was expired just the time we're talking SS.

I was SooOOOooOoOooOoOoOoOoOoOo HAPPY!!

Ah.... This is an HONOUR!!

Thank you for comming, I wish we can play together in the future. ^_^


Next, continue World Quest. It is a lucky day too... I can answer the question and conitue the next quest. www

At last, now I will need to do the Snow World Quest.

I will do my best!

Aumm Boxter 09.09.09

I saw this events from arisa blog.Thought I don't really care about Aumm that much now... don't you think?

The Boxter was very cute, its Pink. Easy to kill, but only will appear 5 boxter in every HOUR. That means, 1hour = 5Boxter. If you killed 5 in 1 hour, you need to wait untill the next hour to see the new Boxter. What the heck... lol

The items said in Website was good. I thought?....

I killed 8, by running around all maps.

But I drop nothing.

While I was nagging about the Box, anakin told me that the Boxes from MixMall gave giving the same thing. I bought 50 boxes from the Mall...

It comes out

Healing postions HP+30 (48pcs)
Cursed Mark (2pcs)

Do you think the result is good?... Maybe compare with JPMM it is cheap and good. But I expect more and better. wwww

Aumm friends keep calling and talking to me in MSN nowadays, I miss them.



I was exited to join the Quest today at 8:00, after entered the map. I take SS while seeing everybody is doing their best killing the monsters. Most impressive is this Mint Garugon and KailinAngle's owner. Cool huh?...

I wonder why they take so long to kill the monsters, we still can't move to other map. After few minutes later, some words was announce on the screen that I can't understand, people start talking.

And they stop killing the monster and we just wait...

I moved out from the map.

This is very dissapointed.

OH OH!! Today I visit arisa blog and I saw Fairy's Blog. He started from July 2009 www よかったね~

はい!!Please Visit 徒然ゲーム日記


3pcs of items!!

いつもありがとう、arisa!! (Thanks for helped me to answer the 26 questions)

Today late online, I've been active in Facebook with friends playing the applications in the website. Syto and Luciver was there with me too. ^_^ Also Hegel and Blade... but Hegel and Blade not that active in there but we still keep in touch.

So... today late night... The item was wrong, I don't understand at first...

So I checked the website, its comes out.. 3 for each pieces of Mirror. And I dont have the Crystal Water at first, need to go back to the previouse NPC take back another bottle of the water. (Good thing is no need to collect items to get the water again.)

So I complete World Quest III Chapter 9. But I don't know whats this screen telling me.. Hahahahahahha...

Next will need to wait 1day after today.


今天看到arisa 的部落格有这样的一个算命网页。自己做了一次,结果好像我前世不是人类?





No more P-Stones.

I use 54lv Penril.... But...

Ordevil's Quest only allowed 80lv above character enter.


After the quest, I wait arisa at Magarita. (The Gold pig stand infront of me.. ww) I wonder who is that Green Ditt? I don't remember his name... >_<

He told me the quest I'm doing need to answer 26 questions in 1min. I was like HAAAA????

26Questions in 1minute?!

Anyway, this quest need arisa to help me.

When I'm collecting item at North Magarita, Capsule come to me. He show me his MintLion he got from Ordevil Quest... Wow! He is so lucky!! I want to keep trying to get it! Yeh! Blue Pig! www

Gift Box quest has return.

Thought the box will probably given out NeoSnowman and Stones... I hope I can get it this time.

Tonight I have to go Japanese Class, so maybe Tomorrow...


Quest ..

Hmm.... 31st August(Monday) is Public Holiday. Malaysia's National Day...

I become Lazy... I woke up late and read friend's blog at the morning, do some houseworks and go out to my sister's house at evening.

Nightime, I play a little bit Japan MM.

I want to do this Quest, I want to go to 9th Floor and see the new colourfull monster and Boss. But the monster drop these scroll are way too strong for me...

Maybe I should ask for arisa help again this time? ... w

World Quest III Chapter 4 of 2 is very confusing. I did not received Skill point x2? How to continue the next quest?.... aaaaa....