Show Time!!

Today tired from work, it is very special to see the Drawings about yourself. www


So I posted at my facebook & MSN.

Thanks ^_^

P/S: It is real face in facebook. I just noticed w


Black Beans

This armour is a little funny... especially our guild mark is Pink. www

I don't know how good is the armour's effect.

Enter the map from Black NPC, it was a Black Beans map. Very good EXP.

Not much to talk today, look forward for Valentines Event. Muhuhuhu...


オニジマ (Onijima)

Just back from homwtown for family gathering.

I want to play Onijima event!!

I saw gaku keep moving at the map, I think he is busy.... Capsule looks like ROM... When I'm almost give up, suddently Tokichama show up!

I asked him for help, but I couldn't get into the map. Something is wrong...

Capsule came too, but I don't want to trouble another person. So....

After a few tries, I decided to check the website. Because I cannot understand the NPC, and... Tokichama. hahahahaha (I think this is rude, I'm sorry w.... Orz)
Hm..... Then I check the website. I talked to a wrong NPC, not the "Black NPC" but I should talk to the NPC Next to the Black wizard NPC. Then I need to go to East Majirita.

To meet this "Wood Man", hunt an item. He will give lend you a core, I got a 105lv of mameo, for 1hour time.
After that, I finally can move to Onijima's map!!

If you kill the Stoner (Onijima) will drop an item.

I found a small stool in the middle of the map. w

I received Kazuhiro's email this morning, will see how to get the armour and get to further place.