I did the same thing like everyday.

I go closer to get screenshot. But die.. haha

We all die together... and... laugh... w

How can we survive at this damage?


Just Yamiou~

Last Yamiou, I got a production book.

I did not know it was a weapon book. Today I try to make it, it was unexpected SUCCESS!!!

Obviously better than my current weapon. \(^o^)/
But thinking of making another Synergy Weapon... I feel annoying.

Yamiou today, I follow other players to other side. Killing ... Oputokuryi? (Oh no, I forgot Aumm name..) * Checked Aumm Fansite Oputokuryi is ArmIris.

It's amazing when you see alots of people killing a monster in the same time. It is like a fire balls (花火)...

Move to killing the final monster NeoGateToDeath.
Again, I looks weird with my Mametuno. (What a noob w)

I move close to NeoGateToDeath so that I can take more screenshot. But I can't stand for even 1 second.

Today I did not get any good core or items, but taking these ScreenShot makes me exited.

P/s: All my Donguri dissapeared today T_T


Yamiou - Alone

Bad feeling.

I don't do anything, just follow and get free core, I'm sorry.

Today box is Honet(BloodStinger) and Bird 17lv.

It's good? I think so. ^_^



Work is busy today, I am very tired...

Before Yamiou Quest, I went to hunt 6th Anniversary core at Event Map. I like to see This Rabbit die.... the eyes is @.@


Yamiou started!!

Nobody use any item except me... I think I look so weird. hahaha

Standing before enter the final map, I can see the strong player using counter skill, some died few times. I wish I can help.

Bad item and core I got for the first time.


Kage Mametuno

Done training in 1day, or maybe half day.

I get arisa to help me return the core, finally got Kage Mametuno.

NeoMametuno seems stronger than KageMametuno... Not sure after Mix MeiMametuno.

All Forever pet level up to 100lv.

Din't noticed my character is level 120 too. It's easy anyway, haha... I can follow Yamiou Quest from now on. uhuhuhu.....

Thanks for helping me.

It mean alots by just saying this words.


Forever Pet

Few days ago, I asked arisa how much is 999 SUP? He know that my SUP failed alots, and take my others item. Making a Synergy item is very stressfull...

Today I got all my items back from him.

Another very stressfull thing is, He don't want me to pay him back!! =.= (Maybe my GP is too little?)

This is my core before and after I use all the Synergy item, this is only a normal Synergy. I think it can be improve by using another type of item.

Damage all UP 50% ++!! \(^o^)/

He ask me to add holy water into MintClaw so that my Cat can remain at 100lv. (He can remember all core level?... ) Where to get 1lv up Holy water?.. O.o

With all this items and core, my core will be stuck at 100lv and I don't need to level up my Synergy item anymore.

Today, I owned a FOREVER PET.

This is sweet.... w


I'm sorry

I woke up in the morning and see this message in guild chat.

I'm soooooooooo sorry..... >_<

Because I fell asleep....



Play too much game is bad, especially you don't have enough sleep...

Worried I will click wrong, I asked arisa to help. The reward is a Charm book, but to use this book I need to make another book and train Water Ball. Maybe the result is not what I'm expected, I feel tired when arisa tell me I need to train another core...

Nyaminya Chan online today, she told us she visit Aumm.

Aumm Battle Field is bad, so much hacking systems too.

95lv Completed

Uhhh... 4:00 am in the morning.

I wish Jpmm won't have this kind of Events too often. This makes me tired... I will die if I do this eveyday.... Need to go to work tomorrow.

My 3days ticket expired.

Today I was thinking to buy 1day ticket but I changed my mind, I din't notice I click so many times. At last when I see my LC balance, I already bought each ticket for 1day, 3days and 7days... Oh No~~~~~~ T_T

I tried to mix Cloudy Pengie today.

Drop another WildBuma when I'm collecting blue box for Ninja Armour.

Found Big Boss at Dragon Room while training, wasting my time to take good Screen Shot with Boss.

Finally Level up... \(^o^)/

arisa said he did it in 1day... I don't think I can make it. 3days is my best record....

My head is pain...


Busy in Jpmm

Unexpected Drop - WildBuma

Don't look down on this core, its not easy to catch in Jpmm. This is the first time I drop this small mutan core. lol Oh, and its Agile type too.

I added Holy Water +50 on my NeoHornMameo. Hopefully I can train it to 95lv... arisa told me he train his core to 95lv in one day... >_<

Today I stop at 75lv... 20lv more to train.

I was advised by arisa to use the 5minutes Small Ninja Armour, which can get it from the blue small gift box drop in all maps. Its 400% all Up.

Pretty Good, it's makes me got crazy to kill the monster with High Speed Attack!! I can level up +1 in every 5minutes!!

Will be continue my task in Jpmm tomorrow~!


すごい 6th 周年纪念!

Jpmm is celebrating their 6th Anniversary!! Finally I can spend some time to play Jpmm today.

First thing is buy PZ Ticket, and I hunt some Gift Boxes.
So cute..

I found most of my Synergy is over, when I try to make some Synergy item to power Up. Someone talk to me, and we start chatting. She is Nyaminyan chan, 2nd character. I like Penril character, they always looks nice.

We talked about the diffrent between Jpmm, Aumm, Korea MM and China MM. I can't find any better MM than Jpmm. Besides, celebrating 6th Anniversary with so many events hapening in the same time is not easy.

Finally found arisa in the noon time, I spammed and got bann for 3minutes. Take so long... Can't talk is killing me. zzz Thought Aumm only take 1minute for punishment?

He taught me how to hunt... Donguri?... I was surprise when it drop, it's in Blue!!

Aahh.. It's a Neo Core, no wonder the core is Blue. Haha

Using this "Donguri" and Mix together with any of the Basic Core. Will come out Small Eldering. Its cute~....

After that, He show me his Mameo. I forgot to ask him what is this Mameo name, because there are "Mametuno", NeoMameo, Mei Mameo... etc etc...

This HornMameo with Red Magic Circle + some eggs (Charm) equipped. Oh My God!! This is the amazing core... Attack so fast, the speed is scary!! I can't imagine if apply with Synergy...

But its not easy to get too, it need to do the quest. Train it to 95lv and mix it into this. For the Eggs thingy, also with terms and conditions. Its complicated, so I'm not going to explain too much about this Scary HornMameo.

This "+" Core.

With cloud thingy spinning around.

Uuhhh... So many special cores during this event.

This core can mix with The Pink Box core, apply with certain Level of the core. Since I only can drop 15lv core, so I only can Mix "Cloudy Noa" (I created my own name, huhu)

At night, I told arisa that I want to try to do the Training HornMameo Quest.

He said only can get from PZ, claim this Pink Ticket, and exchange at NPC. No wonder I saw so many people selling in the Market.

Arisa gave me the tickets and I go exchange my HornMameo. Need to Level up to 65lv within 7days...

I stop at 55lv today for 1 HornMameo.

Will be continue tomorrow....