胆囊炎 / Cholecystitis

Won't be able to online for some times...


I'm very tired because of the pain...

I need to rest...

I'm sorry


Shanastar さんのブログ

Received an email from Shanastar when I get back home from my Japanese Class...

I am tired... =.=*

He made a new blog... Not much inside, very clean and... hm... nothing yet w

Influnce by everybody? ww It is a good start..

I can't post too much today, my body is pain again >_<

Please feel free to visit his blog.


Changes in Aumm

The attack of cores was changed, also the sound of cores. My favorite sounds of Gokuma changed from "Zing Zing Zing" becomes "Blip blip blip". Fairudo's attack appears Fair on it's mouth. And When Foxxy attack it's ass came up .. =.= Hm... like a cat? It's interesting anyway.

I saw a familiar character when I'm huting at Ruins Rudis. It was...


I'm exited, but when I want to talk to him. He logout already.. Shadowdittz told me the friendlist bug still exist, I hope I can see him online again.

Shinigami guild becomes boring, I let shanastar come into the guild. Archimonde seems very happy with it, but the conversations was abit funny. Both of them speaking their own topic... =.=

I don't understand if they understand each other? www

But it was funny~ w

At last, few ECs drop.
I hunted with something, atleast I don't log out with the result "Zero".

Tomorrow, Ganbatuteh! BladeDasha and WingStomer!


Stupid Aumm

I always want to mix a bluepig in Aumm. Today I bought some mix item and trying to mix it. When I log in... I tried to ask syto to mix for me. When I'm trying to pass all the items to him... Fruit of Life cannot be trade.

What the.... ?!

I was upset. I still try to mix it at 1% mix rate...

Aumm sucks

I've been wanting to meet Tokichama for some times. But most of the time we log in in the diffrent time. So we stil couldn't meet each others.

Today I asked arisa to come along, but Tokichama din't online too. I received a private message, but I don't know who was that. And I don't even know what he is talking? www

When I was cutting the Screen Shot.. I saw the Jin char beside me and arisa, it seems familiar.. Could it be? Gaku?.. I don't know... XD

He made a new video!!! Check it out ^_^

P/S: Today... the same part of body pain. It's becomes bad... and its hurts.. >_<



Lastnight... Sensei gave so many 宿題。

Now, most of the questions is Sensei read, we write down. Need to remember all forms and 文型。


教えてください >_<



I was expecting Aumm will be a little challenging to get the items, but only click click clik then will received all the items. It's just too easy...

It said it was unlimited at first, but it was changed to 5days armour and 1day ticket... =.=
aaa.. so disappointed.

I want to go Jpmm for a date~ w


Aumm - Summer Vacation Events

I don't expect much about Aumm evens. Kambu costing is not very intesresting for me, but the Mintcat's Welcome Event is seems very attractive. Because of the rewards is good~~~

All of the reawards has no limits, all MixMall items.

60lv is easy isn't? hehehehe

Okay~!! This time AUMM!! I wan't to make as much lv60 character as I can!



Stalking around

Whole day JPMM.

I'm hunting Blue Rabi from morning to afternoon. It's drop when I almost give up... Thought alots of people was trying to get it too.

This is my Blue Rabi (Blue Raboo) Nimble type tho~ ふうふふふふふ.. (This laugh learned from Tokichama w)

I admired the tiny Baby Base cores... so cute. This SS taken at Blue server.

Nightime, arisa still haven't online. I was almost alone whole day.. =.= Nobody talking to me was very boring. However I still having fun when hunting at Lunancy Dungeon. I drop EC2 Insect and Mystic, also a weird item. I don't know what is it. (?_?)

After finished training, I go to White server look for Tokichama.

I cannot read the name, only can see the colour of the character. The red Phoy hasted me and talked to me.

Her name is "Ru", I asked her if the Black Phoy is Tokichama? She told me yes.

トキ = fgfL (Screen name, hahaha)

First impression, Tokichama have 2 guards with him. (Red & White) www

Good to see Ru-Chan wasn't in ROM. If she don't talk to me, I probably will not know that was him.

I was exited when I see Eye-Chan open market. I think he is AFK... we din't talk. So stay Cool.. ww
I wish to see them soon (*^_^*)


Mushi Moshi~

Got home today, try to re-install JPMM.

No need to download the update, just install and ready to play w~
Today a little hunt at JPMM, and hunt some Mushi. Kabuto Mushi, Kuwagata Mushi...

After installed JPmm, I visited all severs. Green sever I found Green Ranba!!

Almost received items from NPC.. I can't find the Blue Rabi Map... >_<


Copyright SS from Blog

Macadamia copy arisa blog picture & post in Aumm Forum, I post aria blog inside to let people know this picture is from arisa blog.

I think Jpmm will popular in Aumm someday. Especially I Tokichama's Blog, it is very instresting ww

Write blog is good ^_^

I hope everybody who write blog will be popular ^o^

P/S : I try to download Jpmm now... but error. I want to play, I want to play, I want to play.. $#*$#$*#.....


Colourfull Rabit

Found this SS at Sunday さん BLOG, Colourfull Rabits!! wwwwwww

This summer, all versions of MM implement cute monster ^o^

Tonight I have to go to a Birthday Party, so I won't be able to online. I want to meet my friends in MM. I want to play JPMM and meet Tokichama at Black server, and also Gaku and some peoples from other servers.

Lastnight I tried to download the update but it keep disconnect in the middle of downloading. Maybe I should download the new client from the Official Website?

Tomorrow night I have Japanese Class. Now I'm learning ことができます form & た+ り + ことがあります。It is confusing... て form, り form, なければなりません form, ことが form... so many changes... @.@


Mashimaro Event

Very Cute events... www

Cash event again, need to buy Ticket at the MixMall 600LC.

This is the NPC you can Access to Mashimaro Map. There is few stage of Level, you can only access depends on you ticket & your level. High level player can't go to low level map, I'm not sure if you have the low level ticket. Maybe I will try... Because killing the monster inside is slow.. Maybe if low level monster you will drop items easier.

Knucklehead taught me to get the core at MixBuilder NPC at herseba, there it goes. NeoMashimaro. XD Kawaaaaiiiii........

There is another events called "Soul Chicken soup" you need to collect certain items then go exchange at the NPC. The chicken was cute too.. lol

This is the hence status
Mine is 120Lv

Mashimaro fighting by using "shit", throwing to each other.. it is dirty... =.=

Syto told me this map will drop Cursed Mark, Blessed Synergy & etc good items, but so far I did not drop any, so do Knucklehead. Need to hunt more? I don't know...


Internet Breakdown

My house phone cannot call out(Again) =.=
Thought the internet was connected together with the Phone, so.... no signal again. My internet keep disconnected again and again.... #*@@!#!@#*!@#!@

It's almost done updated but disconnect again. I want to throw away my modem and Laptop!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr.......................

After the vomit case, my body becomes weak... Caught a flu and cough now, when I cough a little blood comes out. I feel dizzy, but good thing is I did not fever. So.... Not H1N1, Haha!! ^_^

I hope I can get well soon... and also the lousy internet.. =.=


Error Jpmm

I got the same problem downloading Jpmm. The error comes when I'm trying to download the new update. I received the reply email from arisa & Fairy, they told me everybody was experience the same problems. Only can wait untill GM fix the error..

New server has been implemented, this server is Black server. Now all Jpmm got 7 Servers!!!

This update is very interesting and I'm exited to play in that server. I saw a Pink TheUnknown(Pink Ranba) Isn't its cute????? XD

My internet seems to be server down again.. The connection was keep disconnected serveral times.

I'm not feeling well today... I woke up 1:38am my gallblader was pain.. Thought I ate the oily food again.. >_<>

The pain remain untill 4am.....

I swear I will never eat too much oily food anymore T_T


IchyPeachy Vs arisa

Interesting Title... ^0^

Today login arisa was there cleaning his warehouse. No others Shinigami member online, always me and arisa only. haha...

We chatting and I use the armour in the middle of chat without telling arisa, the screen shut down! Haha... This Armour is very intresting, I wonder how long the GM will take to fix this bug. It's already 1week after I report the bug.

About this Madtailor, its belongs to Hubster. The name still remain, Stingray, It's lv98. arisa still keep it in the warehouse, I think everybody was still miss the old time. Time has passed, althought it might never come back again, but the memory will always there in our mind.

Free Battle Zone.

Thought Japan MM is the greatest damage you can make. But arisa still good with his 75lv weapon. Only 3-5 hits, already took my 50% HP.... he is strong in every mm =.=

I want to make Synergy, soon.

After I make my own synergy, lets PK again!

Before leaving Fbz, I used the armour and make people in FBz disconnect again. (*_*)

Hasta La Vista Baby!!


A little Aumm

Chatting with anakin in the Msn, talking about the LC. Suddently I feel like want to play alittle, I feel boring without Premium Ticket. (Level 100++ is getting boring in Normal map, isnt?) So I bought about 300 Gemble Boxes and try to get PZ ticket.

Result is good. I got a Charger and a Ticket. All total in 60days...

Also a little hunt in the morning, dropped a KingDusty... again..... (I want MintClaw >_<)

Nightime Shinigami seems active, Macadamia, Archimonde and Hubster was online. Hubster suggest to take SS. Thought Macadamia said arisa was online in the morning, too bad he isn't here... haha (My New 115lv Weapon is cool XD)

At last, I want to keep a FireHornMameo as collection.

So I bought a FireHornMameo too. Compare with arisa's FireHornMameo, my FireHornMameo damage is higher. I think is because of my Weapon.

Thats all for today...



This week, I go out everynight and came back late.

木曜日=meet client about the tax matters

Today.... Japanese class again. After class, I need to go and meet my friend and go to Karaoke. >_<

I'm tired...

I want to play new server at JPMM....