Busy Busy Busy~

I'm still checking if any nice event happening at Jpmm.

Oppss... Sorry for not updating my blog, haha.

I thought I want to play this Event, but it will be ended by this Wednesday. Is it nice? I don't know, maybe if I have time tonight, I will try this. It look pretty nice to play.

I am very busy for year end reports and preparing for holiday at my company. I also cancelled my Japanese Language class untill the Chinese New Year Holiday is ended.

It will be the Chinese New Year celebration soon on 3rd of February 2011!!

I am so exited!! (I don't know why, haha)

Wish everyone who celebrate Chinese New Year will have the prosperous New Year, Good Health & have alots of money!!

P/S: Will update as much as I can. Hehe



15min Happiness!!

Oh My God... today my head is pain.... >_<

I want to level up my Ballza to 80lv, so that it can come out with a good level as well.

After training like 30min, Kazuhiro is online In & Out the map. I've been wondering what place is that. Only can see "ID" infront the name. He told me it was PZ - Ruins Majirita.

Finished the Ninja Map, I exchange my boxes with the NPC.

I got a Mini Ninja armour. It was soooooooooooooooo Tiny & Cute!!

I got like 4 of them. I running around the town. Kazuhiro told me its only last 15min.

And suddenly it all disappeared.

15minutes of Hapiness!! wwwwwww

P/S: Garaccha still error.

I go & collect the item from the Pink Lady. This Year is the Bunny with Sun Glass.

Uuuuhh... why not MoonRabit?


2011 謹賀新年 

谨贺新年 = 謹賀新年
(Chinese) (Japanese)

look same same? w

Happy New Year!!! I update on 2nd January, sorry w

I think this year is not very good year for me. Because I am going to see doctor tomorrow, only tomorrow the hospital is open. After suffer for 3days...

Anyway, I want to try my luck & see if I am really bad luck in new year. Garaccha page was show this error. I'm trying to read this to Kazuhiro, but I cannot read the Kanji.

Why is this happen?... to me?... on New Year?...

Kazuhiro help me to mix Stoner & MantyPlant. Stoner was a success, but MantyPlant failed. How much is the success rate? If I mix, only 15% (I still bad at mixing)

Stoner at good level, I think. ^_^

Oh, thank you かずひろ様!

I saw 2dragon again at PZ.

And my dream core. wwwww

Amazing huh? Pink Fairudo.

And Tiny Metaco & Big Metaco.

And Fat Blue Monez, it looks like the Monez is poisoned. wwww

Where did they get this???

And last, Sleeping Raindeer or dead. It looks funny so I take SS. w

Ahhh... I wish this year is a good year.

End of 2010 + Aumm

Lavingadora was waiting us. Just us, no others... I thought nobody going to take SS today. lol

After waiting for like 30min, some peoples has come.

There're so many people from diffrent countries.

It's end up with I cursed people with bad words.

The last SS who I stayed with.

This is the notice showed at the website on the next morning.

Hm... I hope I can keep my char & cores when the new one is open.