1day PZ Ticket

I think the result is good because of Mini GateToDeath armour. Drops alots of items, and the cores dropping good.

Ruins Verherseba (High)
With Armour

Ruins Verherseba (Low)
No Armour

Metal seems to be today's best drop. I want Mintclaw... and Mameo.

Lunch time met arisa, he brought me to Godoran Map.
Saw a HUGE Inseco.... O.o

This map can kill the insects monsters and drop 10min armour. If you use it, you wil become a HUGE Insect king.. (I don't know the name in Jpmm)

It looks ugly... =.=

I also met another person who talk to me today, in JPMM. Nobody would talk to me other than arisa.... wwww I really appreciate whoever chat to me, because I know English is very difficult in Jpmm. Thank you for talking to me. \(^o^)/

Now you can receive alots of free items from this NPC, but this time the free Armour is UGLY!!!

Lastly, Video posted by a friend from Facebook. This one is funny www


Garacha Free 10K

Received email from arisa, told me about the Event started by this week is awesome.

Here go the goodies.

Free Armours!! Small version GateToDeath, KailinAngle, Pony & etc...

I just love Jpmm so much!!

Because of these armours, I need to clean up my warehouse again. Almost checking up all my Jpmm accounts. I found that I have 4 accounts, I wrote down my informations in my notebook now. Because... I forgot my email and ID and Password.

What hapend to Aumm? No Events, No reply from GM.

This week Godoran Events I will join, this time character training is Mystic Core. I saw a NeoPony Tiny version today. It was so cuteeeee....

AH!! Tomorrow is White Day.

Happy White Day to all Ladies, hope the guy who loves or likes you will give you present. Haha

For those who visit my blog, thank you for visiting. But if you want to complaint about some other peoples. Please go to Aumm Forum. If you want to complaint about ME, you're always welcome to leave me a message in my blog. Thank you very much~!


Go Go Ninja!!

Never thought training can be so fun!! Uhuhuhu....

1Hour for 1 character, limited time can make people enjoy the training. Especially with special armour can increase the speed of attack and movements. I am exited~

I use IchyPeachy (Penril) level up some cores from 53lv~61lv, thought I can train IchyMomo too. But 2 character for 2hours... I need to sleep early, Haha

I met arisa with his new Character "HandM". I don't understand why "HandM"?? Sounds like Handsome. Wuahaha~

We went to Ninja Map almost at the same time, after 1hour we met again behind the warehouse and have a little chat.

I saw DarkWolf's Blog with the Pink Card, he told me it is Lotto item from Garacha. Talking about Garacha I always wanted to play it. But still very scared to play because for me Jpmm LC is so damn expensive!! wwwww

Anyway, less than 2,500LC. I received this result. The best is 3rd Prize... I don't know what are those.. But I like it. Haha

P/s: Real life is very stressfull....