Oh Finally Lv100!! Next is 120lv I'll try to make it.

arisa gave me this items, thought it's expensive. But no problems if he want me to train his cores (This is the only excuse I receive the items) He let my use his Mac-TBone and WingStormer, both 87lv. Today I level up 87-89, 2lv up, pretty fast~ Mac-TBone is long range core in Jpmm, so its quite helpfull in killing.

The green bag, I don't think aumm sell this items? Power up and attack speed? When I'm apply the items I was like:-

OH MY GOD!!! This is so cool. I usually need 10-20hits to kill the monster, but only 2-5hits to kill it. I fell in love again in this game.... This time I only take 45min to completed the 1lv. Oh and also with the special helmet during this event, its 25% Exp Up.

So today, I ended up with my target 100lv. ^_^

P/s: Thanks again arisa, you makes the game fun. Haha

Level up Level up

98lv now.
I made another friend today ^_^

I glad I was able to talk to him/her with my lousy Japanese laguage. (In romanji of course, haha) dream chan was in Chicoe armour, I never thought he/she can be so strong. I need atleast 5-8hit to kill the piggy, dream chan only 2-3hit. I'm so noob...... >_<

I was trying to follow arisa to do Monez quest with 2 Chara. But when I change the character, I'm stucked in the page. I re-login and the piggy all revived, 5minutes left. I can't make it.... hm.. I guess I really need to train this char after this.

This time, I failed~

Item production pretty good lately, I success few item production. I saw this weapon in Aumm, the effect and damage wasn't same. Aumm weapon is weak....

Nightime, I tried Garaccha.
I remember Moyashi told me he won 1st prize before. I have no idea, whats on the screen??? (All in symbols) wwwwww I only can read the Kanji. But still ... no idea. Haha
I took the items from my MixMall inventory, it was a paper. While I was wondering in the middle of training in Dragon room. I met Yuuya chan again, he told me it was a colour change. (Aww... I want an armour) He brought me to the NPC and I change the Paper into colour dye.

I continue training.....
ええええ??! ちょっと~
He was in Parapoong armour!! Japan MM also changed Castle owner?...
I left my char in Aumm today, syto did not join the SA. Fantasy got the castle back....Alots of server announcement, humiliats and insults. But I really have no idea whats the castle for? It will be easy to take the castle down now... If we want to. But... It's really mean nothing.



I went to Korea MM to meet one of the China player.

I guess if I post about him in here is safe... Because he told me not to speak chinese because he said we will get ban if we speak chinese in public. So... we only speak in whisper.

There is alots of changes in the game, I noticed that I can't open my warehouse. I asked my friend why? He said Korea MM's GM delete all the warehouse. For the easy way to update the server from 6 to 3. There is an announcement on the website, only active players know about it.


Now I understand why WanToDevil hate Korea MM so much....

Anyway, I've been training my char and trying to reach 100lv in Japan MM. I'm 97lv at this moment... 3more lv.... 100lv for this week, 120lv for next week!



I din't know about this untill I met TokyoDrift at Purmai while I'm hunting Crown of Fairudo (Yea.. I can never get it =.=) I din't noticed he was in Parapoong Armour and in diffrent Guild. I immediate send a message to Syto Congratez for his succeed. I don't have any intention to play this Battle - Siege Affair, because I don't like when people killed they will not happy. Haha...

For More Informations from the Guild Leader CLICK HERE

It's the breaking news of the History, after so long finally someone can take over the Castle. Hopefully there will no humiliation from the other guild about they losing the Castle again... lol arisa said he willing to help for the next SA, its been awhile I did not formally play in the Battle Mode. I'm still that strong?... I wonder....

This SS, syto forced me to write about his guild and take SS with him lol

Again, Congratulations for the Win!! ^_^

P/S : This is the SS when I'm hunting at PZ, Kingdusty in a row. Haha~


Rabbo Armour

I really appreciate and enjoy the time I can sit infront of my laptop and play whole day long... uhm.. maybe not, just few hours is already made up my day. ^_^

When I was training I saw this cores... It's cute.

arisa told me its baby series. Baby Fireduke, Baby Stoner, Baby Kugutu, Baby Black Kugutu, Baby..... I forgot.. lol So many baby... I wonder if soon, there will be Baby Wingcrusher, Baby NeoSoul, Baby SoulBreaker... Baby BlazeRhino.. wwwwwww


Today I was busy doing quest and train my char, 95lv so far.

Nightime, Capsule was online, a little chat with them... Everybody weared the Rabbo Armour, I was wondering it is Rabbit? Fox? Cat? or.... Mouse??........

Anyway, It's cute... I choose the SS when the eyes is closed, looks like smiling with a Happy Face. Haha~

World Quest EP2 & 3 Chap I (Completed)

I was too busy during the weekdays. This weekend, I bought a 15days ticket at Jpmm and I'll try to train my char to 100lv (atleast)... My target is 120lv.... (It's abit difficult for me.. haha)

Today I finally able to meet arisa.

We've been not seeing each other few days, because when I'm at Aumm, he at Jpmm. Sometimes I'm at Jpmm he at Aumm.... So, I guess its my lucky day. He sent me another dicrections by emails and I try to do the Quest again. I thought I will never make it.....

Go back to the Twisted map, I lost again.... But keep running around and warp try to find the Witch NPC. All I saw was Stoner and Yellow baby stoners.

After the few collecting items jobs, I received Free Points. Need to kill this creepy creatures to get the stones... NeoVanyah, it was in grey colour sign. But take awhile to kill. I guess its HP is high...

Finally the Last Stage, Stone Puzzle...

This one is really killing me.. I can't read the items name!!! >_<
All I can do is try all the items one by one, and press OK. Recall all the names by reading the emails arisa sent me. The eyes of King, the Lucky Charm... No.1 and No.2

It's success when I almost giving up. Haha~ (*_*) I'm so proud~

This SS looks like I take picture at the place I travelled. Hehe..

This is the Pic I took when I visit the NPC at the Top Left Corner in the Caslte... This is a beautifull and relaxing place with camp.

Japan MM Quest is alots more easy... don't you think??
I still can't finished the Aumm Hero Quest....


World Quest EP2

I uploaded these pictures but no time to post it. Since I finished the Quest, I decide to update it all.

This is the Twised map, I finally found an NPC after running around in the same place and killing the same monster... I got frustrated because I can't find the way out.

After found this NPC, I warp into SA castle.

I don't know what to do in there. Everybody was offline.. only 1 person online in my friendlist, but I don't think I ever talk to him or if he can speak english.. wwwwww


Lastly I lost in the Map...


Where is the Warehouse?

I saw Daprankster online in MSN and start chatting to him. Din't talk to him quite longtime, he lost his account and Macadamia try to get it for him.

When he got his account back, he try to login into the game. He keep asking me where is the Warehouse? I told him still the same place. I thought he was just kidding, then he sent me the SS in the game & said Emergency Maintenace after few minutes.

lol This is funny~

Mix Lady = Knight (Don't know what NPC is that) lolololol

Resurrection NPC = Weapon Merchant


The Beautifull Success!! ^_^

I don't have time to update my blog lately... Busy at work, class at night... Gotta go to class again tomorrow night.. Sigh..

I received arisa email telling me details for the White Days Events that I've been waiting for, but today just like usual, I received alots of messages from friends of Aumm. One thing that got me spent my time at Aumm today was the message from TeeJay told me that syto success the mix for GateToDeath.( Nimble )


ScreenShot taken~

After the maintenance, there is no events was announce from the official website. But when I talk to Rex (The Puffy owner) He said something about the stick and candy. I got some informations from Jimmyzgmf about the falling items in whole server. PZ drop too... And you must final the Puffy level, then can collect the stick and candy. It can't be trade.... >_<

Today, I clean my warehouse and changed my cores for Chisels. Trying to keep some stocks for it too... Sad when I see the cores changed to Chisel.. (T_T)

Gyvs online when I almost heading to bed. He want to mix some cores and I'm helping him to get items... Not sure if Archimonde will be angry with me.... (>_<) I hope not. Atleast I'm not giving it free....

And yea.. he finally success it.

I wrote about everybody today... lol

Today..... uhm.... I drop MintRabit!! And... I took SS with a Legendary person few days ago, "mutou" 139Lv suddently appeared on the Ranking. He didn't talk much to me... I wonder he is Br, can't speak english lol... well nvm, hopefully I'll have chance to know him better.

And, this is stupid SS I ever take lol....

Ah.... So.... Goodnight everyone and.. Congratez for the Success.

What I do next? ...



Aumm Server Down

After reading arisa blog, he drop cores almost everyday he play. I deciced to play in there today, few hours hunting 2cores dropped. I was exited and want to keep on hunting, but the server was down again. It happends almost every week... So I'm kinda like, uhm.. whatever..

So I moved to Jpmm.

I completed the Sand quest for past map by using Penril char. I made some lv50 items for Penril and move to Monez Map for training. 1Hour train, 1.5lv Up..... so slow without a help >_<

I brought WhiteDay to train today, watching the same core fighint is funny.

A little chat with arisa today, learning Japanese language with my sensei sometimes is making me confuse. I can understand more after arisa explain it to me... but most of it, I need to remember what is that mean... オンライン = I read "On u In" (Wrong) I should be "On Ra in"

ラ and う actually looks same, but it read Ra and U. I'm still weak in Katakana...

Te て/で form is use for Order or suggestion.

Masu ます form is use for Ourself when doing something.

Ru る form, I haven't study this yet. But I saw this words in people blogs most of the time... Can't manage to listen and read what arisa tell me today because my connection was accidently cut out. Hopefully I can improve my Japanese language faster...




Lastnight I went to Aumm for awhile, the game is a little bit Laggy. I hunt Crown of Fairudo for an hour, but still no drop. I talked to IKilled and try to get information from his friend, seems like his friend in Penril Character was also frustrated with the last quest of Penril. So... I guess we're same.

I'm going to send email to Devil again about this.... Stupid GM... Gah!!

I din't play much and surfing the internet to get informations about some books. My sister is going to West Malaysia & I'll get her to buy me some books. I'm trying to improve my knowledge and personality.

I had been chasing my financial reports by my employer. I got tired and exhausted everyday came back home.... >_<

Tonight I have Japanese Class.... So many things to do in the real life. I don't even have time to go to do my medical checking. Or..... It's just an excuse because I'm scared? lol

Whatever~ Nyaha~


チクリンさん (Chikurin Chan)

While I'm waiting arisa today, I met Chikurin Chan and we made friend!!!

I'm so exited!!
Ahh you never know how glad I am! She is such an amazing women in Jpmm I ever seen!
As people know, she is the leader of Clover. Which is the guild owned 2 castle for SA in Jpmm, I never thought I can add her as friend. I'm very glad..... and proud. ^_^

I was expecting for new events today, but Jpmm still running Mix Colossuem, by warp from Mekrita to the Special Battle Field.

arisa asked me to go to the battle field. It's same as Aumm MixColossuem Events, but it last 2weeks. Everybody can go to that map and ready for kill & be kill. You can see alots of strong players, but for me I'm not intend to kill anyone but just walking around seeing people and killed by other people.
I'm trying to contribute some coins for other players too.

I die together with Capsule, killed by other players in just few seconds. I suggest to battle with him!

arisa killed me!!!! Hm... I actually can't kill anyone. They're just too strong...

The result was 1 vs 1, he killed me so fast at the first time and I din't heal myself. 2nd time he stunned me but I survived in the condition ALMOST DIE!! I think he can do alots better than me if he have my cores and level. Hm... young people can do better, don't you think? haha ^o^
However, it was a nice fight.

Received a core for present from arisa... It was unexpected wwwwwwwwwwww
Big Boar, I changed the name to "WhiteDay". This pig is just so LARGE! ありがとう~ ^_^
So much laugh infront of my computer today, I had another happy day in JPMM ^^,



Can't manage to play too much game now >_<

I'll start my Japanese Language class again tonight, it will be every Tuesday and Friday (7:30pm-9:30pm)

Watching this video make me think of when I speak Japanese in class, everybody will laugh. wwwww.... But I enjoy learning it.

I'll be very busy again, but if there is a good Events I wil play it anyway. I look forward for White day in JPMM. After arisa told me what is White Day, I really want to feel the Romantic Day in Jpmm. (*_*)



Finished Puffy Quest

I was late back home today.

arisa was training Puffy for Barracks Char.. and it was 76lv!! Ahh.. I can't just leave it behind, so I finished the quest today. When the mission complete, it was 2:26am. I drink Mint Tea to keep myself awake.


Also Level up the fairudo, now its in the base level. I hope can mix another.... But I'm too lazy to train and mix it...

I saw Macadamia online today, but he didnt say anything. I wonder if he can help me on this.... Really bored without someone can help me think of which core to mix next... This month, I spent too much LC on buying mixmall items lol... I have to control...

Other than training Puffy today, arisa tried the party systems with me. Too much questions... I tried to find the informations from the official webstie but can't find the friend or party guide. So I sent email and ask Devil how is actually the systems works.. hopefully can get the answer soon

I have alots of things to do tomorrow... I wish I still have time to hunt my Character Quest items.

Thats my Next Target!!

Yosh!! Ganbatuteh!!