Pumpkin King events has begun since last week at Japan MM. Everybody is wearing a Devil transform in everywhere.

I want to play, but I don't really have time. A little hunt at the midnight last weekend, I met Moyashi, he is back? I don't know... The chat still seems so lonely... I can't find anyone to talk. www

Aumm still the same, still doesn't seems so fun for me. Always in Cash needed events.... I feel so boring. Macadamia did asked me to play, to mix in Aumm... But.... hm... I checked the Forum, the topics is still same. Hackers, ask for events, errors..... etc etc...

Meanwhile, at the Japanese class. Now I'm learning “んです”, My sensei is a very funny women... www Sometimes she cannot answer my question and we laughed together. Haha...

There're so many many type of sentences & forms need can be use in Japanese Language, when they speak it is very clear & you have to understand very well. If you don't you're stupid. lol Recently I also learn about 関西弁、関東弁があります。

Almost everyday, I work overtime.... I'm tired. But thinking of the game, it makes me happy.


My Network cable...

Yesterday morning when I want to go to work, I go out to open my gate and saw something hanging on my roof.

It was my telephone cable from the main switch connected to my house, which is maybe hit by a truck or whatever... its disconnected. =.=|||

This is the 2nd time.

The renovation workers outside my house said it was hit by the rubbish truck at the morning. zzzzz

What the heck... Why the whole street only my house's cable is always hit by truck?! I really don't understand....

I wonder how long they will take to re-connect my cable. Today is the 2nd day of the day I cannot online at home. (Now I'm at the office)


World Quest III Completed

My computer is fixed for about 1 week, I take so long to download programs and update all the necessary softwares. It becomes busy....

First thing is play MixMaster!! wwww

I completed World Quest III, I thought returned to the Town is no turning back. But luckily arisa told me I don't have to do it again. Can't believe I can do it... anyway... www

The last map take a little long time, because I din't know I have to kill NeoMint Garugon. I keep killing Bansy, but it doesnt drop the item I wanted. I'm afraid of Garugon.... >_<

But at last, I try to attack this monster. It drops the item I wanted... www

So easy!! Hahaha

I found this cute Purple Cat!!

So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

arisa told me it's name is Bio Nyan? Why Nyan? I thought Cat = Neko...

Before leaving the town and go to Quest, someone suddently said : gaijinn///
I stopped.. He continue said : naoranai//

I don't understand.... ???

So I laughed... 何で... lol?

and I leave. ww

Lastnight I read about PayPal, I want to buy LC at Japan MM. But after a little chat with arisa, it might not working. Because Japan Language is not easy... and I don't think it is easy for Jpmm can support the user who speak English... don't you think?

I want to buy Jpmm LC... By my own money!!!



This Video made by Tokichama, I was in the video too. Heheehehheeh...

Please Enjoy!!

Long Time.. ^o^

Sorry because I've been away soooooo long. I miss MM so much... =.=

My computer finally "passed away" it is not working anymore because I cannot turn on. I think it's time to change a new one. But.... maybe not that soon, I hope I will get a new one as soon as possible.

During this period without computer, I will not play game for maybe... uhm... 2months? But I will still update my blog when I have time. Maybe at my sister's house or at the office & I will update my "real life" activities if I have chance.

I want to buy the new DELL All in One 19" Desktop, what do you think? But maybe next year... www

I'm now working hard in real life to get a better life!! Because I have many activities, I don't have free time...

Morning - Monday to Saturday is working

Nightime - Monday, Tue, Wednesday & Friday is Japanese Classes.

Nightime - Thursday go to Gym, Saturday shopping. Sunday house cleaning & etc...



あ、私は元気なと思います!じゃ、untill I have my new computer. We will meet again in MixMaster! I will still update myself by reading everybody's blog.

P/S: I want to play Haloween Event!