New Discover~

I can't stop thinking whats "New" in the game.... I check around the players blogs and see cores.

So I log in again to find out.

I saw a very Cute Message Board at Rudis. (But I don't know what it is for?)

Then I went to pass map.

Finally found the "Cabbage Bunny".... or dog?... w

Then I Giant Chikaki... I saw Tenkaki too, but I forgot to take Screen Shot.

And this Red Ant?

And Checker!! Where is the eyes? Haha (These all are weak, easy to kill)

Then I come back to Current Map and go to Lunancy Dungeon.

I saw the Ugly Spider, 2 colours.

And they died cute. Haha

Lastly I found this.... Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (O.O)

B I G!!!

But Cute too (^_^)

メリークリスマス 2011

Long Time!!

My last update was 05.05.11... Whao, its almost half year....

I love Christmas in Mixmaster. Always alot of festival gift, events, monsters and many many things. Its so happening in there \(^O^)/

I logged in today, my character was diffrent. I tried to figure out how to change it back because I found that some character still remain the old look. (New character looks a little gay =.=)

I try to find someone that can speak English but..... wwww

Then I try to find some place to see the any changes. I saw the big purple bird. Haha

Angry Bird?!! wwwwwwwwwwwwww

Alots of new pets in the town. There are also a Rabbit with cabbage on it head, I think thats the event pet. How to get it?... Its always difficult for me because I can't read Japanese, The official website of Mixmaster don't provide too much informations too.

Anyway, I'll be busy in the year end for holiday.

Wishing everybody who visit my blog....





Rabbit Rabbit Rabbiiiiiiiitttt!!!!

Log in middle of the night (This week is sooo busy... ) and saw my character.....



Oh my godness.. so cute!!!

Last week was hunting at Valcan Valley, I forgot the map name. Some coins drop and I don't know what is it for...

Also saw Lemon Rabit... Kill it but nothing happen. (Rabbits everywhere....)

Just awhile, I play with the mini rabbits... so cute.... so cute, so cute, so cute....

cute cute cute cute....

Before log out saw this character with amazing core... Hm....

How to read the name?

Midnight so many "rare" players...

P/S: What happend to the Guild Mark again?...



I saw so many mini Rabbit in the town. I wonder how do they get it?

Today is holiday in my state, so I've been hunting whole day try to get this event work.

I met Tokichamu today. Lucky! Have not been seeing him for long time. He kind of explain to me a little about this event.

Hunting rice, I drop a special box. (But the item is bad)

After hunting some of the rice, I finally figured out how to play this game.

You can answer a question every time you gave 1 rice to this Rabbit NPC in 1 minute. If you answer it correctly you'll get a "Mochi".

The question is all in Hiragana, Kanji and symbol. Sometimes will be in Katakana, that surprised me... You only need to follow what the rabbit says: Up, Down, Right and Left.







I hunt and answered so many question..

But I don't know how to get the core....


Strawberry Collection

15% of success rate... I hate mixing... The Strawberry fall is look so delicious... and cute.

Someone with the cool Dinosaur pet.

This armour is really good...



Sutoberi-kara-chi"e"nji! (I can read!!! w)
Strawberry Character change!

Something wrong with my House internet. So only office can use, a little.

This event is soooo cute, I want to play!

Log in this morning, all the cores are changed? There are symbol of Female or Male in the bottom corner of the core, easier for the user to see the gender(sex) of the core.

Whao... amazing.

I'm thinking what to do...

Suddently a message come, asked the popular person. w

Whao... I can read!! wwwwwwwwwww
Whao... I can answer!! wwwwwwwww

I hope my internet at home can fix as soon as possible.囧






先生:りんさん、this is wrong! t should be, example; シャワーのあとで...




Sounds like an affair.... w



Japan Earthquake Relief

Jpmm is now having campaign for Earthquake victims. It is easy, only 100LC.

At the same time, facebook, Bank, Google, Yahoo, World Vision is also having the similar campaign.

I hope Japan will be recover soon.

In the office.

Lady Boss : Ling, you still going to Japan next year?

Me : Yes, Why not?

Lady Boss : But the place is not safe.

Me : It's not going to stop me :D



日本- 仙台大海啸



Because of the earth quake, the line is jammed.

This is sad....

Please be safe....

P/S: Been worried about kazuhiro, received reply email from him in the afternoon. But.... how about other people? Tokichama, Capsule, Gaku, ThunderV, Yuuya, Yui, Nyaminyan... and many many.... Are they safe?

Everytime see the news is soooo.... sad. >_<

So many people still missing... ='(


Show Time!!

Today tired from work, it is very special to see the Drawings about yourself. www


So I posted at my facebook & MSN.

Thanks ^_^

P/S: It is real face in facebook. I just noticed w


Black Beans

This armour is a little funny... especially our guild mark is Pink. www

I don't know how good is the armour's effect.

Enter the map from Black NPC, it was a Black Beans map. Very good EXP.

Not much to talk today, look forward for Valentines Event. Muhuhuhu...


オニジマ (Onijima)

Just back from homwtown for family gathering.

I want to play Onijima event!!

I saw gaku keep moving at the map, I think he is busy.... Capsule looks like ROM... When I'm almost give up, suddently Tokichama show up!

I asked him for help, but I couldn't get into the map. Something is wrong...

Capsule came too, but I don't want to trouble another person. So....

After a few tries, I decided to check the website. Because I cannot understand the NPC, and... Tokichama. hahahahaha (I think this is rude, I'm sorry w.... Orz)
Hm..... Then I check the website. I talked to a wrong NPC, not the "Black NPC" but I should talk to the NPC Next to the Black wizard NPC. Then I need to go to East Majirita.

To meet this "Wood Man", hunt an item. He will give lend you a core, I got a 105lv of mameo, for 1hour time.
After that, I finally can move to Onijima's map!!

If you kill the Stoner (Onijima) will drop an item.

I found a small stool in the middle of the map. w

I received Kazuhiro's email this morning, will see how to get the armour and get to further place.


Busy Busy Busy~

I'm still checking if any nice event happening at Jpmm.

Oppss... Sorry for not updating my blog, haha.

I thought I want to play this Event, but it will be ended by this Wednesday. Is it nice? I don't know, maybe if I have time tonight, I will try this. It look pretty nice to play.

I am very busy for year end reports and preparing for holiday at my company. I also cancelled my Japanese Language class untill the Chinese New Year Holiday is ended.

It will be the Chinese New Year celebration soon on 3rd of February 2011!!

I am so exited!! (I don't know why, haha)

Wish everyone who celebrate Chinese New Year will have the prosperous New Year, Good Health & have alots of money!!

P/S: Will update as much as I can. Hehe



15min Happiness!!

Oh My God... today my head is pain.... >_<

I want to level up my Ballza to 80lv, so that it can come out with a good level as well.

After training like 30min, Kazuhiro is online In & Out the map. I've been wondering what place is that. Only can see "ID" infront the name. He told me it was PZ - Ruins Majirita.

Finished the Ninja Map, I exchange my boxes with the NPC.

I got a Mini Ninja armour. It was soooooooooooooooo Tiny & Cute!!

I got like 4 of them. I running around the town. Kazuhiro told me its only last 15min.

And suddenly it all disappeared.

15minutes of Hapiness!! wwwwwww

P/S: Garaccha still error.

I go & collect the item from the Pink Lady. This Year is the Bunny with Sun Glass.

Uuuuhh... why not MoonRabit?


2011 謹賀新年 

谨贺新年 = 謹賀新年
(Chinese) (Japanese)

look same same? w

Happy New Year!!! I update on 2nd January, sorry w

I think this year is not very good year for me. Because I am going to see doctor tomorrow, only tomorrow the hospital is open. After suffer for 3days...

Anyway, I want to try my luck & see if I am really bad luck in new year. Garaccha page was show this error. I'm trying to read this to Kazuhiro, but I cannot read the Kanji.

Why is this happen?... to me?... on New Year?...

Kazuhiro help me to mix Stoner & MantyPlant. Stoner was a success, but MantyPlant failed. How much is the success rate? If I mix, only 15% (I still bad at mixing)

Stoner at good level, I think. ^_^

Oh, thank you かずひろ様!

I saw 2dragon again at PZ.

And my dream core. wwwww

Amazing huh? Pink Fairudo.

And Tiny Metaco & Big Metaco.

And Fat Blue Monez, it looks like the Monez is poisoned. wwww

Where did they get this???

And last, Sleeping Raindeer or dead. It looks funny so I take SS. w

Ahhh... I wish this year is a good year.