New Discover~

I can't stop thinking whats "New" in the game.... I check around the players blogs and see cores.

So I log in again to find out.

I saw a very Cute Message Board at Rudis. (But I don't know what it is for?)

Then I went to pass map.

Finally found the "Cabbage Bunny".... or dog?... w

Then I Giant Chikaki... I saw Tenkaki too, but I forgot to take Screen Shot.

And this Red Ant?

And Checker!! Where is the eyes? Haha (These all are weak, easy to kill)

Then I come back to Current Map and go to Lunancy Dungeon.

I saw the Ugly Spider, 2 colours.

And they died cute. Haha

Lastly I found this.... Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (O.O)

B I G!!!

But Cute too (^_^)


Rosequartz said...

Are you long time.
There was a large update
Added the new monsters and new areas

Message board is looking for people to board a party Crossed
But people do not use

arisa said...


JPMM turned big.
New name is reMixMaster.
300 kinds of new monsters and new map.

IchyPeachy said...

Merry Christmas ^^,
I see, it is very large update. But I like old version.... w

Merry Christmas to you too ^^,
reMixMaster... I thought is 3D haha