My eyes

My eyes is itchy & sore since last week.

I went to see eyes specialist, Doctor said my eyes is toooooooooooo dry & allergic. I can't see computer too long now... =.=|||

But this weekend, I will play again!!

P/S: This picture is in my work place w


Rabbi's Gamers Island

Not so many people today, maybe its weekday.

Surprisingly somebody called me when I'm heading to hunt base core. Thought I never seen that name before in guild, he was Tokichama. w

I thought he was the sleeping rabbi I saw in the road side. Finally found him at "His House", and we had a little chat. It was a pleasant time to chat with him... althought, I thought English still a very difficult language.

2nd try for Rabbi Armour. Easy~

This is the best shot for Jigoku Shoujo Event... Because the market is too crowded, its not easy to take a good picture all the time. Thanks for the core owner...


GAMERS Vs Jigoku Shoujo

Kinda impressed for the lastest Event in Jpmm, they make this popular anime into MixMaster. Whao!!

I've been wondering how to run this event since the day started - Wednesday.

But those who speak english din't online, I'm too lazy to translate.

I saw the Characters from Jigoku Shoujo's as a core. I guess its from Mall - Garacha

This guy sometimes post something interesting quote in the market. Its not easy to see some English title at the Japanese market, thought. w

This event makes me feel like kill a real person, not a good feeling.

When I was hunting GAMERS's Ball, I saw Yuuya chan. Untill today, I still don't know how to pronouns his name or is it Yuuya is his real name? It sounds like a girl name anyway... However, I always remember his name because its look like "U.Y.E" - Uhuu, easy to remember!!

Here, this is the "balls" I got. You can hunt it from all around the World Map. Not easy to drop, arisa told me that I should change map whenever I feel like the map doesnt drop the character I wanted.

Gotta hunt G A M E R S = 6 Character as completed.

You can move to a Rabbit's - GAMERS Island after completed the word. You'll see alots of diffrent kind of rabbits inside. Rabbit with Green Magic circle will drop "I" and "1" marked Balls, you can collect 500 "I" mark for exchange a Mini Rabbit Armour - no effect. (I only collected 288 of "I" Mark today, maybe will get the armour by tomorrow)

Mark "1" for exchange small Green Magic Circle Rabbit that only last 7days. If you mix the core with Lv1 core, it will become small puppy core.

This is a cute event. I love it!!
P/S: Thanks arisa for explaining this event for me, I din't expect he will online today. Haha