Count Down 2010

I think because of diffrent country Time Zone problem. They made a mistake... Nobody was there at Mekrita Fountain.

After calling few people has came.

It was fun afterall lol

As what I said from the previouse post. I'm making the video to remember my friends at Aumm.

I asked for help from some old players if they still keeping any old time screenshot. But too bad, nobody has any of it.

So I collect from Official Website at Community pages, MMOsite's forum, My old MySpace's Blogs... It took me few days to complete checking any of the possible sources.

Oh, I am tired...

After complete the Screen Shots, I failed fews times to make the video. Maybe it's because it tooks too much space, computer system becomes heavy. I did not have this problem for the first Video. I have to keep refresh & restart my computer...

I want to add titles for some of the pictures. But... I will take longer time to finish the Video I think.

So... I decided not to add other things.

My 2nd Video, Please Enjoy~


恶搞 arisa w

It's 4am... I was not feeling well these few days, my body is pain. I only can lay down at the bed, sleep and rest.

Today, I recover my energy.

And I play Jpmm.

Because of some Screen Shot I want to find in Aumm. I started finding it and keep looking at the old Screen Shot I've made with my friends in Aumm.

It is sad & full of happiness at the same time.

I cried in the office last week when I checking it. Today, I tried to download all the screen shot. I'm planning to make a video to remember all my friends in Aumm.

My eyes was full of tears...

Suddently.... I see this..




Maybe you cannot see it clear.

But the conversation....


I imagine.... arisa face.... wwwwwwwwwwww

arisa : eigo wakaranakute ikeru?

It's mean

English I don't know! Understand?!!!

I like this screen shot ... Haha

P/S: He always makes me happy wwww

Aaa.... I will try to make a Video for Aumm. I hope I can do it....

I hope....

D - Raindeer (Shadow Raindeer)

Today is lucky to see gaku chan & Rafe-ru Chan.

I have to emphasize "Rafe-ru" chan, because I cannot read his name. Gaku taught me how to read it, I think Gaku should call himself Sensei.

D-Raindeer only left 4hours. After chatting with the guys, I went level up the core at Lunancy Dungeon. Only take me less than 1hour to complete it.


I don't know how to return the core...

Only 2hours left.

Capsule is only the person in my friendlist.

I really think I am Lucky today!!!

Japan time is 01:15am, I think. Why he did not sleep?....

He show me Black Raindeer armour. I remember Kazuhiro told me it called "Calibu"!!

Looks good with Raindeer ^^,

Uuuh... don't fight Santa, these raindeer can be friends.

Another thing confusing me is the map in Lunancy Dungeon. I cannot find the NPC as Aumm.

Jpmm is

Aumm is...


Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad means Merry Christmas in Spanish Language.

This is the best song with Iphone, Ipad, Ipod... by IBand. Haha

I might don't have much time to play Mixmaster, but I want to wish everybody Merry Christmas!!

P/S: I don't celebrate Christmas because I am Buddhist. But I love Christmas~~~


Day 2 - X'mas Event

Today Kazuhiro show me how to get D-Core. It's same as D-Core Ticket claims (At Mekrita)

The difficult part is, I can't read the Japanese words while talking to the NPC. I don't even know which ticket i'm holding. wwww

Next thing, Jpmm is celebrating "Come Back Event". You can get a special Bracelet from this NPC. If you log in regulary you will get a 50% up bracelet, if you din't log in for long time. You can get 100% Up bracelet.

Oh!! I wish I can get 100% www

By using イチ桃 account, I try to get the pumkin from her & get Pumkin Lady core.

I want to play Premium Week (PW), but now working is very busy. Hm... Maybe Christmas Holiday. I hope it can be long holiday...

Capsule & Tokichama online today. But I think they are busy for crazy training... 頑張ってね~ althought I don't know why they want to train so hard.

I try to read the conversation between Kazuhiro & Tokichama, but the words is too small.

Sometimes, I cannot read.

Day 1 - X'mas Event

I accidently found Red Santa in the town and "accidently" enter the map. Just like what in his blog, I drop a present when killing the "Calibu" (Black Rudolf)

Night time, Kazuhiro came and show me Dinasour & Pumkin lady's core. Event pet is always looks special but nothing much can do or mix.

He show me Black Santa & start the "Story telling".

Red Santa & Black Santa is figting everyday. Who ever help Red or Black Santa will get rewards if any of them win. (The reward is giving you a Santa Suit for 1day time limit)

You can choose which Colour of Santa you want to help Everyday after 12:00 midnight.

Today winner is Red Santa. This NPC allowed you to exchange the Gift Box and will tell you who is the Winner of Santa for that day.

I think I understand. w





Why Santa fight?... w


Hot Pot

Winter, its a good time to have a hot pot. There is a very big pot infront of Warehouse at Magarita Town.

Too bad, I collect the items but I'm still not sure how to cook it. haha (Real life cooking is bad too)

The items is cute, there is meat, radish, Tofu?... Socks(靴下)????!!.... I don't know why there is a socks in the receipe. Hahaha... What actually is this it?

I met Goku's sub chara when I'm AFK next to warehouse in the morning. A little pleasant & short chat, because I'm going out. I wish there will be the next time.

eh? I thought he quit? I thought I will never see him again... It is surprise.

Then I met Nyaminyan Chan. The last time I see her was 6th January 2010.

She show me Butterfly Lady? What is the name in Jpmm?... My first time see this core (I can't see the details of the core very clear... www) But it was amazing!! I'm very exited to see it. Haha

Nyaminyan chan : あの~ティアスタ、持てますか?

何で.... Te-i-A-Su-Ta???!!! (First thing in my mind is "Tester" 妊娠中の...?)

IchyPeachy : Gomene, ティアスタはない。

Nyaminyan : Gomene - X, Gomenne - O

IchyPeachy : Ok w, Gomenne www

IchyPeachy : ティスタは何?教えてください。

Nyaminyan Chan : It's an item.

IchyPeachy : Show Hot Pot Event items (Vegetables)

Nyaminyan Chan : No, Item +2

Think, think, think.....

IchyPeachy : (Show Tear Star) This??

Nyaminyan Chan : Yes!

Oh, I am smart wwwww

Nyaminyan Chan : Vegetables = Yasai 野菜。

All the suddent!!! My computer crushed!!!

I think because I turn on my computer for 48hours. wwww

I wish I can see her again 会いたいいいいいいい!!!


Aumm - Game Over

I accidently saw WantToDevil posted that he is going to close our favorite fansite last weekend.

And It's follow by.






Oh My God!!!

AUMM is Closing Down!!!!

arisa your LC is going to forfeit!!

All the memories in Aumm is finally gone.

I'm not sure if this is a good or bad news, because Aumm is getting worst. Especially so many unknown hackers & cheat in the game. No Events & so on...


Nicola's Homework

It's 2am... I Can't sleep tonight... =.=

I log in to play and try to understand the event. I can't understand the "FOSSIL" Event, so I try Nicola's Homework.

Pretty easy to understand, GM make it Step 1, Step 2 & "Get ?"

Because nobody play in the middle of night, its become very easy for me to hunting w

A few minutes, the result is ;

I go to the Nicola at Mekurita (Whats Aumm name? Mekrita, Mekerita...?)

Just click, click, click...

I received a red bottle..

To be continue... w


Halloween End

I don't remember when is the day I played, must be weekend.

All alone, I collected 100 pieces of pumkin piece. And click everythings.... Then I get into this map. And find a lady, she sent me to another Pumpkin World.

Where is the "EXIT"???

I try to kill a Red Dangerous Pumpkin Lady, takes about 10minutes to kill. And she drop a Purple ball.

OH!! It's Purple!!

Then I use return scroll to return to Majirita town (Because my core died T_T)

I click click click... I found an armour in my inventory, and the Purple ball dissapeared.

Then I turn into






A Sexy Pumpkin Lady!!!

Oh, and I got a pumpkin core too... haha

This is how the Lady sleep...

and a Happy Pumpkin next to her.

Halloween is a Happy Pumpkin day!!


Happy Halloween 2010

I tried all the way to make this game working.

Remove - install, change compatibility, disable my anti-virus... But I still can't get it work.

Arisa sent me Troubleshoot Q&A for JPmm, its all in Japan language... OH MY GOD!!! I try to read and translate one by one... try to find the similar problem of mine.

When I almost give up... I suddently remember there is once I need to change the language to Japan Laguage to make the update run.

And I finally logged in!!




The screen words is too small... @.@

How am I supose to read what people is trying to tell me?????

Maybe I should put a Magnifier infront of my screen? haha

Well... I'm glad that I'm able to see this Weird Pumpkin today.

Happy Halloween Everyone ^_^


Can't Play (>_<)

The last time I log in is Jigoku Shoujo Event. I noticed that the owner of the game has changed to a new company. From SeedC Japan to Gamers 1.

Is it a good thing? I don't know.

But it seems like not friendly to Overseas player. w

I couldnt log in for more than 1month.

Everytime I wait for Wednesday, thought after maintenance I will be able to play again? Maybe?... But untill today, I still cannot use open the game.

Sad... I can't use the Jigoku Shoujo's core that arisa made for me.

Other than busy & stress in the work. I went to West Malaysia for a week with family.

This is at Ipoh, Perak. We visit caves in that place. Do you know which one is me in the picture? wwww

This at Genting Highland. There is Casino, Theme park & Shopping Mall, it was a very exited day.

The last, go to Kuala Lumpur. It is a busy Big City. Stressfull & Busy place...

I don't know if I can play MixMaster again.

But all the Happy Memories is always in my Heart & Mind.


My eyes

My eyes is itchy & sore since last week.

I went to see eyes specialist, Doctor said my eyes is toooooooooooo dry & allergic. I can't see computer too long now... =.=|||

But this weekend, I will play again!!

P/S: This picture is in my work place w


Rabbi's Gamers Island

Not so many people today, maybe its weekday.

Surprisingly somebody called me when I'm heading to hunt base core. Thought I never seen that name before in guild, he was Tokichama. w

I thought he was the sleeping rabbi I saw in the road side. Finally found him at "His House", and we had a little chat. It was a pleasant time to chat with him... althought, I thought English still a very difficult language.

2nd try for Rabbi Armour. Easy~

This is the best shot for Jigoku Shoujo Event... Because the market is too crowded, its not easy to take a good picture all the time. Thanks for the core owner...


GAMERS Vs Jigoku Shoujo

Kinda impressed for the lastest Event in Jpmm, they make this popular anime into MixMaster. Whao!!

I've been wondering how to run this event since the day started - Wednesday.

But those who speak english din't online, I'm too lazy to translate.

I saw the Characters from Jigoku Shoujo's as a core. I guess its from Mall - Garacha

This guy sometimes post something interesting quote in the market. Its not easy to see some English title at the Japanese market, thought. w

This event makes me feel like kill a real person, not a good feeling.

When I was hunting GAMERS's Ball, I saw Yuuya chan. Untill today, I still don't know how to pronouns his name or is it Yuuya is his real name? It sounds like a girl name anyway... However, I always remember his name because its look like "U.Y.E" - Uhuu, easy to remember!!

Here, this is the "balls" I got. You can hunt it from all around the World Map. Not easy to drop, arisa told me that I should change map whenever I feel like the map doesnt drop the character I wanted.

Gotta hunt G A M E R S = 6 Character as completed.

You can move to a Rabbit's - GAMERS Island after completed the word. You'll see alots of diffrent kind of rabbits inside. Rabbit with Green Magic circle will drop "I" and "1" marked Balls, you can collect 500 "I" mark for exchange a Mini Rabbit Armour - no effect. (I only collected 288 of "I" Mark today, maybe will get the armour by tomorrow)

Mark "1" for exchange small Green Magic Circle Rabbit that only last 7days. If you mix the core with Lv1 core, it will become small puppy core.

This is a cute event. I love it!!
P/S: Thanks arisa for explaining this event for me, I din't expect he will online today. Haha