Nicola's Homework

It's 2am... I Can't sleep tonight... =.=

I log in to play and try to understand the event. I can't understand the "FOSSIL" Event, so I try Nicola's Homework.

Pretty easy to understand, GM make it Step 1, Step 2 & "Get ?"

Because nobody play in the middle of night, its become very easy for me to hunting w

A few minutes, the result is ;

I go to the Nicola at Mekurita (Whats Aumm name? Mekrita, Mekerita...?)

Just click, click, click...

I received a red bottle..

To be continue... w


Halloween End

I don't remember when is the day I played, must be weekend.

All alone, I collected 100 pieces of pumkin piece. And click everythings.... Then I get into this map. And find a lady, she sent me to another Pumpkin World.

Where is the "EXIT"???

I try to kill a Red Dangerous Pumpkin Lady, takes about 10minutes to kill. And she drop a Purple ball.

OH!! It's Purple!!

Then I use return scroll to return to Majirita town (Because my core died T_T)

I click click click... I found an armour in my inventory, and the Purple ball dissapeared.

Then I turn into






A Sexy Pumpkin Lady!!!

Oh, and I got a pumpkin core too... haha

This is how the Lady sleep...

and a Happy Pumpkin next to her.

Halloween is a Happy Pumpkin day!!