Hukubukuro 福袋!

I wonder if this week event is too good to play. I got super lag during busy hour 6pm-12am. The lag is very worst, I can’t event chat well and walks around, not to mention training. That is only suicide.

Premium Zone events is dropping 福袋. It’s cute, haha…

The drop rate same as upgrade potions, not very hard to drop. You can exchange items from the Kid NPC at Mekrita. But thought most of the items given was bad, alots of players just throw it just right around the NPC.

When I’m exchanging my hukubukuro at the NPC, I was surprise seeing another Neo core. Pi-Chan(NeoBeasco), NeoFlowco. This time I saw NeoMetaco! Hm… this guy thought this is the first time I notice him. Today training I saw him everywhere! In Metal room, he come and killed all the RITA-R around me after my killing slow down without synergy. I also meet him at Low Ruins of Magirita. Geezzz… What is wrong with him?

I spent most of my time training at Metal room for this PZ ticket. Didn’t notice the core I’m using is level up to 85, hard thing that to upgrade the synergy to 85 above. When the core’s level are higher then the synergy, it will becomes normal.

I spent my last hour at PZ, and this is the 戦利品! Not much, but its better than nothing... I kill slower now tho.. lol

(笑) Human always know what is the greatest when losing it. I just noticed that without help from Japanese friends, I am nothing in the game, especially all the supports from arisa.


Pre X-Mas event

I’m getting too lazy to write in Chinese. My internet was bad last whole week, it’s been a week for me can’t play game and online emailing or surfing around the internet. I keep disconnected when I’m online.

Finally the internet getting better, this week events at Japan MM is Pre-X’mas events. Everybody can get a Santa suit at Mekrita. Hm… kinda looks like Mekrita becomes a main location for this week events.

There is a Santa Claus next to the Fountain at Mekrita Town. Which you can collect pieces of map’s puzzle all around world map. There is A, B & C map. You can collect them by killing the ugly Christmas’ Tree monster. Yeh, it’s ugly & scary, jumping around and weak. Oh! and also drop Rudolf and Snowman’s 1hour armour. But since we already have Santa suit, so its kinda like useless. So no need to pick it up or your inventory gonna out of space.

So far I only collected Map A & C, after exchange a completed full map with Santa Claus. I go to meet the Phoy Santa NPC at Map no.9.

Oh hey! Phoy NPC!!! She can jump…. She is so cute. But... uhm… I can’t talk to her because she can’t speak English. Haha… I just click everything and get some items. The prize isn't so special, but it's still fun for me to play, I heard that there also other char's NPC like Penril, Ditt & Jin. Another special thing is there will be a big prize for 1 player only, the prize will be Character Changer! For example you can change your character from Penril to Phoy. Isn't it Cool?!


X-Trap error

2am I decide to write in English, its going to take longer to write in Chinese.

It’s kinda bored in Aumm today, so I tried translate again the website arisa gave me. I changed the Port TCP like what in the website, but I thought that’s is only available for Japan player, so I doubt it, cause it’s not working. The errors still remain no matter how I change my Window firewall and allow all the connection from all servers. I compare the X-Trap between Aumm and Jpmm, and I found that the file name is not same. I amend the file name and FINALLY!! The X-Trap starts downloading!!! YAY!!!!

I login Jpmm, too bad the guild mark can’t see, I only can see Black Square, White Square and other plain colour guild marks. I don’t know what happen but as long as I can login, it’s already better than anything else! I start training; I can’t wait to use the beautiful lv80 items arisa gave me!

Arisa login and ask me to go Mekrita, he gave me come cards and tell me to put it in the space by following the cards name AC, SC, MC. It’s come out with 1day PZ ticket. These cards can buy from the Mixmall, sell in 5pcs per pack for 150LC but the cards are random. Ahhh… how shameful… I make him wasted his money again. He always makes me feel bad whenever he buy items by LC. Anyway, he said this card can use for making other items and weapon as well. So yea, I don’t know how it’s going to work, but it’s cool.

After get the ticket given by arisa, we visit Ruins of Sinan. I got trauma with Pony, so I ain’t going to touch any of the cores over there. I get back to train, he told me to go Metal room and kill RITA-R (CrimsonMetal) 71K + Exp, I leved 3times today from 78 up to 81lv, same for arisa’s helpful cores. There are alots of strong player in the Metal Room, it’s quite hard for me to get any of RITA-R, and they killed it too fast. Arisa also told me a lots of people 80-160 train in there because it’s easy to kill and good Exp.




这几天在Purmai 练级升了几级,有一次遇到MELROSE。一开始他没注意到我,竟然把我身边所有的monsters 干掉!ahhh.. kill stealer! 原来他用 Hyper speed up item,速度跟闪电一样。他还帮我杀 Mint Garugon,不到一秒 Garugon 就死了,还以为跟 KailinAngle 一样有2种物体。他还帮我把身边的怪物打伤,好让我杀得比较快,结果那一天很快就升级了! Yay~ 很遗憾没来得及拍下 MELROSE 帅帅的照片,呵呵…

哦,我还掉了一样很奇怪的items。那是 Silver Iron stone (Gintetuseki),看起来很像竹旬。不知道有什么用途,可是market 里很少人卖这样的东西。

Arisa 今天给了我80lv 完整装备,很美丽的装备。还有一个巧克力礼物,那是很贴心的item,一看到就很开心,好美哦… 我会把它放在Inventory 的前头,一打开就先看到这个心型巧克力!明年的情人节,希望也会有同样的item 让我做。

VcYumi 和 Moyashi 今天有online。Yumi chan afk, Moyashi chan 只为了玩chest quest 而来的。看他们一直出现在同一个地图,想必死很多次吧? 嗯嗯…. 一定很难。