Funny day XD

Today the return of the old Shinigami member, it's good to see him back ^_^

But the guild management seems like alots of mistake, when you click Accept, it's actually is Rejected. And when you click Rejected, thats mean Accepted. I have to delete all the name, then I can make sure there will be no mistake again!!

Anyway, Welcome back my friend!!

I'm not sure if people know about the BabyFireDuke Armour becomes a big bug in Aumm? Today, shanastar come to Aumm. She told me the 1st time use the skill is ok, but the 2nd time the game will shut down immediately. I was with her in Bird room and I shut down too...


I'm thinking to.....

Make everybody SHUT DOWN!!! Muahahaha.....!!

1st, I go to herseba... when everybody is open market. I go and make everybody shut down.

2nd... I go to Free Battle Zone, alots of people... XD

When I log in back, only few people still in the map. Maybe they can login faster? I don't know ...

I did that 3times untill a Phoy char asked me to stop using BabyFireduke armour. I sent GM about this matters. lol It was a big bug and also a fun bug... haha

Amazing when you can make other people shut down eh? hehehehe.....



I went for my language class today and I'm driving around the town to finish some job... I am very very sleepy and tired when I get back home.. T_T

I read arisa blog and see this Picture on his blog, he bought the item I was feeling interesting yesterday. Now he bought it and show in his blog!! I feel so outdated >_<

Anyway, I wish next month will have more time to enjoy MM...

じゃ、おわります。おやすみ!See you tomorrow~


After so long

Yesterday Aumm.

The owl I've been trying to get, I saw in Fbz. Something wrong with my Quest... I can't complete the quest... It's sad.

I'm try to hunt ShapHorn stage 1 for increase my hences damage, Archimode asked me to hunt at Summer Snow filed. But you need to go to Right Bottom corner. I got 10 of them. I want to hunt 2nd stage but can't get any today.

Aumm events start today, you can get the free Candle Mark at Magarita X:105 Y:122.

Alots of my friends included me is June Baby. So...

Happy Birthday Fairy (23th June)

Happy Birthday Capsule (25th June)

Happy Birthday Archimonde (27th June)

And.. Happy Birthday GM-Neokon ( ?? June)

Happy Birthday to all who borned in June.. ^_^


Nothing to do?

No special events can bring me into MixMaster lately, today I want to make a new target and get my char to level 120!!! www Difficult? I don' know...

I will train in Monez, the pigs is scary......

Received Shanastar's email about the skill error, I make my own complaints too.

Penril Char character I can't finished the Quest. thought because of I put my another item in Warehouse. My Own doesn't grow. I sold the item to day (Angry? of course) I spent too much money into this game but it still alots of bugs. I hate it!!


P/S: While I'm not playing Mixmaster, I was watching 新之助, Very funny 日本动画.... www


Happy Birthday Ichy

It's my Birthday 20th June.

Age???..... lol


I wish... I will happy forever,

I wish... Everybody is happy forever...

I wish.... Everybody in good health (me too)

I wish...... no more wwww

P/s: Drink Vodka.. I'm drunk.... @.@




Teacher was back last week from Tokyo, today the lesson was continue. I forgot alots of words after the holiday... >_<

Teacher brought this to us, she said the nuts was very dilicious and people like to serve with 酒?I don't know... ww The packing was beautifull, I probably will keep it for awhile. ありがとう、先生!

今日、なければ なりませんと文型習いました。


Very difficult and confusing =.=

This month in June is almost ALL accountants peak period time. Because the Government Income Tax will be close in this month. I am busy too.... tonight after the class, I went to meet my friend and ask for an advise for the personal tax. Back home at 11:30pm.....

I also need to plan for this weekend for father's day, probably need to go back to home town again.....

I'm tired..

P/S: Sensei told us about H5N1 (豚インフルアンザ),Tokyo was quite safe from this. But she said other place is dangerous. I saw NHK news, in 千葉 there is 54 peoples infected. I am worried...

Everybody, please take care!!



Thursday, I hate!!
I forgot to change my Windows to English Language, it was in Japanese Language and the letter was too small. I overlooked my armour left not much time. It's dissappear in last few second when I almost can go out from the MAP!!!!

So... I died

arisa steping on my head, and I died with another man www

I try to go in without armour, it is bad idea

I try again but still die ww

I give up and teleport to Mekrita, time's up. Game Over!!!

I left my chara afk in the town and I received message. I can't read the name and what this person said to me... But I'm glad some other people can speak English to me. Hehehehee....

Looks like in Blue Server, alots of people can speak English (*_*)



I late update, I got a Bamudra yesterday in Red Quest. I got Killerpete, Hornking and Bamudra. Why all insects?.... ?....?....?

I was exited when I got it, but arisa told me Bamudra is bad status. I compare with Wingstomer 89lv, the damage is better. lol?

Well, this is arisa core he got it today. I almost nagging about Gold Pig everyday.... now that he got it. I went to mix builder he come and show off.. =.=

anyway, congratulations.. ^_^

I'll try again tomorrow.


JPMM update today, another version of Island training. This time is METAL!!
I failed 2times, I hope this time will be better chance.... www



Finally good core? Maybe not for other people, but I think it is good. www
My friend!!!! Hornking!!
I want a KillerPete in Aumm, but Jpmm Killerpete is short Range. Maybe I should mix it to other cores.

Fairy chan is right, I still have chance to get good core.

Maybe next time is Pig? ww

Au - Training Core

Since Archimonde returned, I'm busy training core in Aumm. People keep saying they wanna help you, but at the end. It's only a lie...Especially those people who are started from the low level, now they are strong and got alots of strong cores. You're just a noob in their eyes.. lol?

What do u call a friend?

Very dissapointed.

Archimonde and anakin ask me if I want to make a Pig. I like Pig ww

But I'm still not sure if mixing Pig is a good choice?..


Robin Penril Suit

Jimmyzgmf told me mixmall update again. They selling new suit, I bought one for try. The effect is not bad, I look like a warrior. lol Isn't?

Anyway, I kinda like because after wearing the suit, I still can remail my hair colour. Haha

Received a comment from Fairy Chan, I actually saw this "PALZ" longtime ago at arisa blog. But I never try it because I can't really understand what is it for? But today I registered for it and I saw few peoples I know was in there, it is interesting.

I put my real age in the profile... I don't know how to edit.. >_<

I want to put my blog address inside, but I don't know how too.. www

My Japanese language sensei is come back on 17th June, soon I will need to go back to school again. Hopefully I will improve my Japanese language more.. ^_^


Final - Penril Quest

I sent email to GM about the Final item for the quest - Crown of Fairudo, the positive reply from GM was received by 29.05.08. Today I try to finished the Quest, it is easy than I thought.

I go to Magarita and give the item to the NPC.





The core still remain 70lv after I gave the item.