Happy Halloween 2010

I tried all the way to make this game working.

Remove - install, change compatibility, disable my anti-virus... But I still can't get it work.

Arisa sent me Troubleshoot Q&A for JPmm, its all in Japan language... OH MY GOD!!! I try to read and translate one by one... try to find the similar problem of mine.

When I almost give up... I suddently remember there is once I need to change the language to Japan Laguage to make the update run.

And I finally logged in!!




The screen words is too small... @.@

How am I supose to read what people is trying to tell me?????

Maybe I should put a Magnifier infront of my screen? haha

Well... I'm glad that I'm able to see this Weird Pumpkin today.

Happy Halloween Everyone ^_^


Can't Play (>_<)

The last time I log in is Jigoku Shoujo Event. I noticed that the owner of the game has changed to a new company. From SeedC Japan to Gamers 1.

Is it a good thing? I don't know.

But it seems like not friendly to Overseas player. w

I couldnt log in for more than 1month.

Everytime I wait for Wednesday, thought after maintenance I will be able to play again? Maybe?... But untill today, I still cannot use open the game.

Sad... I can't use the Jigoku Shoujo's core that arisa made for me.

Other than busy & stress in the work. I went to West Malaysia for a week with family.

This is at Ipoh, Perak. We visit caves in that place. Do you know which one is me in the picture? wwww

This at Genting Highland. There is Casino, Theme park & Shopping Mall, it was a very exited day.

The last, go to Kuala Lumpur. It is a busy Big City. Stressfull & Busy place...

I don't know if I can play MixMaster again.

But all the Happy Memories is always in my Heart & Mind.