Madtailor & a little Real life

Its late to say Merry Christmas?... I'm sorry ^_^

I was busy in work & real life again before and after Christmas, so many gather party and company works need to do.

On the 25th of Christmas day, I send my friend back to her Village very far away from the City. Almost take 4hours driving... I'm tired, my neck is pain. >_<

This trip, I need to go over the mountain cross the river. I am SOOOOOOOOO SCARED!!! I never been so scared before. After crossed this River, I feel like want to scream and cry.

This is the car I drive, you can see the land is very wet and my car was stucked in the ground. But luckily the people in there help me to drive the car out from the mud.

It's been a very special adventure I made by myself... after the trip, I feel like there will be nothing is difficult than I have been through today. I also feel like I am so crazy to do this...

A little hunt at Aumm, I bought 60days ticket.

About 20minutes, I log out and saw the core!!! I left my core out!!!!

I login again, luckily nobody take the core.. haha It's been awhile I did not drop any core in PZ. I want to get back everything I have before. Because of someone took away from me... It makes me angry and dissapointed.

Gyvs got hack? Read from the forum, I don't know how is that hapend. I did not see him for very long time. It is sad...

About Jpmm, I hope I can join the event. Now I only need to wait to get my OWN LC!! I must get it!! Please wait for me!! (Jpmm bank is holiday too?...)


Tokichama's Retirement Ceremony(外编)

This is Ru-Chan, I think her name is イルちゃん.

Another one is.. Earth さん. I don't know why he following me Haha.. and He added me as friend. I hope I can get him to introduce himself. Someday~ (By English w)

ガク さん - 登场!!!
This is the first time I talk to him. wwww

I was laughing arisa because we cannot move to Rudis, he said 10lv only can go. I am 10lv he is 14lv... He win?!! (We laughing at each other)

I will train my char at Silver Door!!!

We moved to Rudis, I wonder why he can run faster than me.
He answered : -

Kagayaki Bosi さん - He talk to me, but I don't know his name. (Yorosiku w)

At last, I keep POP up by "CHANGE" "CHANGE" "CHANGE".

Tokichama have alots of good friends. Today... althought he can't entertain us and peoples from other servers. But he have many friends very nice and friendly. I don't feel lonely at all... ^_^


Tokichama's Retirement Ceremony

I log in early but nobody I know in Silver Door (White Server), someone added me as friend her name is "Ru-". I remember she was the Phoy char introduce Tokichama to me, she stay close me to while I'm waiting arisa.

I need arisa all the time, to be my translator. huhuhu....

Tokichama online and everybody start talking, it is very crowded. I did not talk to him because it is TooooooooooOOOoooOOOOOOooooo many people. I feel like a Jpmm Very Special Event!!!

Finally arisa came.

We moved to Mekrita Guild Manager... I wonder why is arisa walk to North Magarita. Because you can warp to Battle Field and Move to Mekrita. (Both of us no Warp Ring Hahaha)

I don't know why they keep changing place. I only follow them and I don't know what they're talking about. Haha..

We take SS.
Because I'm standing at the corner, so I can't talk the nice picture for all. Can you see Tokichama?.. www

Din't notice Toki was gone, I keep pressing SS and try to get a best Screen Shot.

arisa told me Toki open 1GP Market to sell his items and cores. I don't know why I suddently feel sad. Maybe its happended before at Aumm... arisa ask me to buy something from him, but I don't think I want anything from him. I want him to keep all his cores and items, so that he can come back anytime.

Maybe not now, but maybe after his study and work is stable then come back again.

Look back the SS I took, I only know these few people when we're at Rudis. Gaku, Tokichama and arisa... So weird to stay here because I can't speak to them and I don't know much people. www

At the end of the Ceremony, I feel glad because I'm invited to the Ceremony ^_^
I know Tokichama is Busy with all his friends, but he still remember to talk to me and said Thanks to me.

OH MY GOD!! I Can't explaint how HONOR, HAPPY and LUCKY to attend this ceremony!!

Anyway, I wish Tokichama will have all the best in Future. (I can teach English if he want haha)


Day 3 - Keep waiting+Mixing

Everybody is still waiting and running around in Mekrita Town, the Monster from Christmas World still din't appear. I'm dissapointed.


Warehouse is full again... =.=

So I mix some of the cores in my warehouse. and the result is....

Pumpkin (Skullwiser + asakayza)

PumpedCursed (Pumped + Clawless)
2mix = Failed

NeoGamerika (Gamerika + Amazonez)
2mix = 2 Failed


I check my Mix skill.... Now I know why I failed all mixes....

I hate mixing... (=.=)


Christmas Onament

Translate Official webpage + my little bit Japanese Language knowledge + explaination from arisa.

I think...... think..... think....

arisa told me everybody was waiting the Christmas Monsters will appear in Mekrita Town in diffrent time everyday, but only 1hour per day. Today is 21:00~22:00, but the monsters doesn't show up.

Everybody is waiting...

I think, everybody need to collect the onaments and put on the tree to make the Tree light up then then monsters will appear. I don't know if this is correct from what I read on the website.

I run around in the map and hunted this 2 the lowest level of Onaments.

I wonder where I can get the others items... Anyone know, please tell me I would like to help and light up the X'mas Tree! \(^o^)/


Fit's Many versions


I saw this commercial at End chan's blog many times. Today accidently click at youtube... Many places in Japan.. it is very interesting... These are some of my favorite.





Return Cores

Uhuhuhu.... Today login and saw the Santa Birds with Magic Circles... And I noticed the level is 20~45lv!!! Haaaaa?! That mean I it is more difficult to train than D-Imon... Because D-Imon is only need to level up to 26lv.

Train at Lunancy Dungeon 8F, Killing the Big Plant monster. Quite many people there, I kill very slow, haha.. So not much left for me to kill. But I still level up my char +1.

Today result is 3x D-Imon Maxed level to 26lv.

and 1x D-Santa Bird to 45lv
and 1x D-Santa Bird to 43lv

It is ... uuuhh.. take so long to level up.

arisa taught me to return the core. I want to mark down so that I can remember how to click to return core >_<

Finally!!!!! this is the 2nd time return D-Imon, I got the core I wanted. (But I want more.. hehe) I will try to hunt more ticket and train them, it is pretty easy... I think maybe if I am a LC player it will be easier... hmm... hm....

Last, The Screen Shot for thanking arisa teach me how to play this event.

You might not noticed the Santa Bird is in White Magic Circle too?

Jpmm... really amazing work. I wish someday they can make the core like MauMau chan made. It is cute!! Please visit her blog for more information!!



Oh... I din't notice I only uploaded the SS but I did not post my blog, haha...

The update for Jpmm events was started since last week, the new D-Santa bird is released too but arisa told me that the Core haven't been change yet. So it still remain the normal santa bird looks.

I used Japan version today because I'm testing my new windows, seems like a little changes have been made on my desktop. The letter on the screen still very small.. but I can read some of the hiragana.

This is the SS I took after changed all my santa's ticket.

I don't have enough armour to train, so I try to open another account (Before this, I can't open 2 account in the same time)

I am surprise this time because I can open my another IChiMomo account to transfer some of my items... Wahahaha...


Pre-Event Xmas 2009

I wonder next week Aumm will be update a new event again.

MixMall is selling Santa Suit 10LC only. But its not a good item I think, because my char will become a Short Range attack if I wear that. So its only looks good... Maybe it is good for Ditt and Jinn Char.

Its been awhile din't talk to Gyvs.

Not surprise he is always busy and a magnet to all the players. It is very difficult to take SS with him just two of us. (With my favorite core - PONY)

Just a little hang out with friends yesterday, hunting with IKilled at Dragon room. He is a nice person. Its always good to chatting and play in the same time with him.

Someone offer 30mil for my PhantomWing-X. The trade is successfull.

30,000,000gp for a PhantomWing-X just sounds so cheap at Japan MM. I can't remember the actual price between Jpmm and Aumm.... I always forgot the shortcut, sometimes I even forgot which MM I am playing. lol

My items, my gp... and my cores... I thought I have the item but it was at Jpmm.


I moved to Aumm lately because I was upset with the D-Imon core. wwww

Last week I hunt 3Maps and train the cores to Max level, but the reward is nothing!! I wonder how many core they need to hunt and train to get the Shadow Imon. What the....

Lately arisa blog is updating about the new Christmas Event at Jpmm. I becomes a little confuse with both of the MixMaster version...



I want to try use Japanese.



(えと... give up は日本語で何?)

日本語 Give up いけません、先生は「若し時間があります、来てください」と言います。



Updated Jpmm

Unusually, I was exited about today's update. I saw the update with Tokichama & Blue Server - Runaria Chan's Name. In Blue Server, I saw arisa's picture with Aumm Shinigami Guilde!!! \(^o^)/

Oh, I don't understand but it is good to see my friends name was published in the Official Website. おめでとうございます!

Today I met Capsule after I trained my Tora. We were in FBz, talking about his Pink Imon and Bomergun.. I forgot what he said about the metal core's name. Frezzy?... www It's always so diffrent and special name in Jpmm.

When I'm watching people Battle in Fbz, I sit in the middle of the street and found that these Jin all with Love Guild Mark. I feel so happy to see, haha.... It's like I am obiviously a Pretender to sit next to them. www

After chating with Capsule, when I'm on the way back to Town. I saw some people battle. With KailinAngle, MintGarugon, RedLeaf and the Red Metal.. I forgot the name. So Cool.... O.o

Still feeling tired today, I thought I want to meet arisa but I'm sleepy... I stop at 52lv for my Tora today. Its getting difficult to train... now I understand why Fairy & arisa said it is difficult... -.- I'm thinking to give up.....



I woke up in the morning my head is dizzy... No energy to work.. very horrible day ~.~

I want to train my Tora but I only able to train it 2lv up. My eyes is sore, maybe I am too tired. I left my Penril chara ROM behind the warehouse, I thought maybe I can come back again to train.

When I wake up again, its the next day morning. Haha!!
Tonight I have class.. I'm still a little dizzy today, but I hope I can be fine. Last class talking to Sensei about her personal life, it is sad. I wonder if everybody from other country is difficult to live in the diffrent country with the diffrent culture.



Alice in Dreamworld

It's been awhile "again". Haha.... Last week my computer hardware corrupted, I'm using desktop now. After that I have to re-install all the program and download the update again... =.= wasting my time.

After re-install all the program and necessary update (My Japan Mixmaster version cannot be update if I'm browsing internet browser or with any other program on)

Today I finally have time to sit down and try to play this event, it seems very interesting from friend's blog. This is what I saw in Magarita town (I'm sorry to take this picture without asking permission >_<) Can you see the diffrent of the Magic Circle? It's just so cute www

arisa finally online after I've been running and hunting at other map, I thought all maps drop the ticket. Translating the official website is still very confusing... He gave me a ticket for sample, and we go to exchange the ticket at Mekrita.

You get the ticket, you can change it with the NPC by clicking 2nd - 3rd - 1st - 1st. I cannot read the NPC so I only can remember the direction gave by arisa. Haha.. Then you will received a "D-Imon" You have to train it to max level in certain time. It will dissapear if you cannot make it on time.

arisa brought his collection to show me while I'm hunting the ticket at Northern Majirita, I only can say : おおおお、すごい!!!(Mean WHAO, SO AMAZING!!)

Of course its not only Imon, there is also Mechantball, Tora and others... I not very sure anyway haha..

I hunt almost 1hour to get this ticket, I asked arisa if he need the same time to hunt too? He told me he only take 10min..... WHAT?!! 10min?!!! (~.~) Maybe because of the LemonRabit armour, He said its Item UP 50%.

Next one, I try Tora. Surprise me I don't take too long to hunt it. I train this core at Lunancy, Tora take a little more time to train because the level is higher. I hope I can get a better reward for this Tora... I stop training today after raised it up to 43lv.

I brought my 2x D-Imon to the NPC and I received a Book and.... I'm not so sure maybe is Level 1 Metaco. I can just click and check my inventory if anything added into my account. But I only found this. I thought I can get a shadow Imon.... Oh, maybe next time!!

I thought this is a Weapon production book. arisa brought me to the Lemon Gift Rabbit and do this exchange thingy, but the book dissapear. I forgot to ask him what will hapen if it is a success?

A little chat with Fairy today, thought he is busy playing "The 3Kingdom" Hehehe... But It is always good to see there is another friend online in my friend list. Sometimes I just don't know what to do... haha

P/S: Today during the lunch break I go to buy food outside, I accidently hit a car because it is Yellow Light, but the car infront of me suddently stop. My car's break is not good I guess. So.... hm... I hit his back of the car. I have to pay for the damages. (But my car's damage is worst than his car)

He said he come from other town, no wonder he don't drive the car like Kota Kinabalu's city people. Because if people live in here, they dont stop when they see Yellow Light, haha.. >_<>

Lastly, my friend posted this at my facebook wall. It is cute.. hahahah Do you do this when you're alone? .... kawaiii desune... hahaha