最近,在看着日语老师介绍的旧连续剧《电车男》,是关于一位御宅男与一位美丽OL 的恋情。由于工作很忙,所以用了很长的时间来看。




看着其他玩家一个个的死掉,我很想说:皆さん、がんばって!!(可是我没有做到 w)

昨日与 ThunderV さん一起猎 LadyBird。掉了一个很奇怪的东西

- 血眼睛!!


他带了我去一个地方,我按了几次突然换了地方,然后又个很大的单眼怪物。很容易打死,ThunderV 告诉我,它会掉 armour。五分钟的,可是很强。

没多久,我看见一个玩家用着那个 Armour 经过,看来真的很强。

可是... 很丑哦...

然后,我又继续猎 LadyBird。


啊... 真不容易呀~



Saturday night, I need to go out.

I check website saying that diffrent map will drop diffrent insect. So I hunt a little while.

I only able to hunt at Rudis.

Very big wwwww

Yamiou at 11pm (Japan Time), no luck today

I want to hunt White Butterfly and Ladybird tomorrow!!


Back from Japanese Class

Today after work is very tired, received text message from Sensei ask me to go to class. Still many works to do, but I don't want to work overtime again...

I was thinking to absent but I'd like to spend time with Sensei, because too many works in my mind. I need to take a break. So althought I am tired, I still go to the class. I drink coffee before going to class!!

I'm learning to make sentence now. During the class Sensei almost 50% speak Japanese to me www

Maybe This year, I skipped too many classes. I forgot all the grammar and word's meaning. I'm getting slow... It's becomes funny when I say it in wrong meaning.

She told me about 15th of August in Japan is a sad day. Yes, I watch history channel about the World War II. Lastime I watched about the History Channel I cannot sleep for 3-4days... because it is very sad.

When I don't understand, I will say : はああ?

When I not confidence, I will say: へえええ、wrong?

I did not expect today I will meet someone in Jpmm.

I want to get the Pink Rabit's armour in arisa blog. When I'm checking information in arisa blog and Official Website. I saw a "BOX" infront of my chara... www

We started talking, and go to hunt Pink Light in Rojeta 1st Floor. But the server is heavy, I din't manage to catch a screen shot. However, I pick up many Pink Light & success to obtain an Rabit Armour easily.

Oh, Thank you. (I forgot to say w)

I think the new insect - Dragonfly is very interesting. ThunderV taught me it called "To-n-bo" in Japan. トンボ (蜻蛉)

In Chinese it is 蜻蜓 (Qing Ting), I cannot write it in Japanese language because its sounds like... uhm... bad word wwww

Althought I am sleepy, but today is a happy day.

へええええ?!黒の金曜日。13th August (Black Friday)



Can't stand for seeing the interesting event at Japan MM, I spent my time to play for it even I'm tired and busy...

I think I did not improve my Japanese Language, I can't understand the meaning at JPMM Official Website for this Event. So I write email to arisa for the correct information, because I hunt for longtime...

To get the Pink Rabbit armour, you can hunt the Pink Rabbit at all World Map. It will drop 桃色の光 (Pink Light), not too difficult. But since many people hunting it, so it might become difficult when there is a fast killer or strong player hunting in the same map.

Just need to Collect 5pcs of it, exchange it with the NPC, she will give you the "Titanisu" armour. It's only last 5minutes, but the effect is good.

So Beautifull... I hope it can be a permanent armour www

When I'm hunting Pink Rabbit, I drop a Giant Dragonfly....

WHAOoooOooooO... It is so BIG!! wwww

Maybe someday, there will be a dragonfly core in JPMM too. Haha