HeadHunter (Aumm friend) Chatting to me at MSN, we talk about hackers in Aumm. So many players accounts was replaced by other people.

I told him I cannot play Jpmm because My computer was Virus infected. He suggested me to re-install the game. And I made it!! \(^0^)/

Today login I saw new cores. Small RedLeaf with red Magic Circle.

And also a little chat with natuki777, but I was R.O.M (Or afk) So we din't talk too much, I'm watching Youtube video. Sorry Natuki~ >_<

At Last, met a fool in BF.

Return to your country, learn to respect other people if you want to stay in other people's place.

P/S: Sorry because I cannot read name. Thank you for visiting my blog ^_^


Quick Update - Star River 星河

星河 (Star River) Happen once a year in Chinese Tradition, Its about the Love story for Human and a God Fairy. They only can see each other once a year, every 7th of July.

I don't know if the story is same in Japan?

To enter the map, its in Majirita X:122 Y:122 (Oh my god, I forgot the actual name in Aumm)

From arisa blog, I take SS right next to the River in the centre of the map. With all the wishing tree hanging with alot of sticky notes. All the Lovers will write down their wishes on the note and put on the tree. Wish the dream come true... So romantic...

There were stars all along the river.

Big and small stars... it was like the Galaxy... I think w

P/S: Take a break in office to update my blog. New Event started... Summer Insect collection!! (Again w)


When I cannot play MixMaster

I watch Video at youtube, I play game in facebook.

You can only understand this video if you can read Japanese or Chinese. w

The best way to wake people up in Japan Haha

P/S: I hope I can play game this weekend



Because I miss old games, Super Mario and Doraemon game... but .....

Now I cannot play MixMaster too.

Need to wait re-format again...



いつもお金 All about Money

There are alots of changes in Japan MM, that I don't even remember. So many events and so on... Such as, Japan MM Servers has changed from 7 or 8 servers to 4 Servers. And now my servers is Blue Silver's Door. I like this colour ww

Few days ago I log in, I changed my 1day PZ ticket but because my internet connection is slow. I did not play much. I only spent money on buying cores... (I wasted 1day ticket)

I also saw a MOST WANTED core!!

Too bad, I havent seen any of players show the status of this core. It's beautifull....

I'm trying to get one... But no luck. Haha

Jpmm now... all about $$.... sigh~