Japan Earthquake Relief

Jpmm is now having campaign for Earthquake victims. It is easy, only 100LC.

At the same time, facebook, Bank, Google, Yahoo, World Vision is also having the similar campaign.

I hope Japan will be recover soon.

In the office.

Lady Boss : Ling, you still going to Japan next year?

Me : Yes, Why not?

Lady Boss : But the place is not safe.

Me : It's not going to stop me :D



日本- 仙台大海啸



Because of the earth quake, the line is jammed.

This is sad....

Please be safe....

P/S: Been worried about kazuhiro, received reply email from him in the afternoon. But.... how about other people? Tokichama, Capsule, Gaku, ThunderV, Yuuya, Yui, Nyaminyan... and many many.... Are they safe?

Everytime see the news is soooo.... sad. >_<

So many people still missing... ='(