Maximum 3.6.9

Well well.. what do you think this Event?

Banner is posted but not activated?


When I get Boring

Recently a friend told me his account is hacked. He thought nobody know his account, so everyone is not safe now.

I get online to check my account. I am safe (Now only).

Hubster is online unexpectedly, I thought nobody is going to online. Since Aumm becomes not much more activities and not interesting...

I walk around and hunt something.

On the way to Dragon Room. I drop a quest item that I never seen before... what is it for?...

Control Lever?...

About Jpmm... I can't do the Lisence at Rudis School, because I canot read Japanese. hahaha...

Uuuhh... this is difficult. Maybe I will try again when I am free, I always lose patient when I cannot do something.


Rudis School

One day, I found Kitson-chan open market.

Today login, someone talk to me and suddently arisa appeared!!

Met new friend today - Rafeel (Correct name?)
I can't read the name, sorry ww

Arisa.... maybe i should change the way I call you, Kazuhiro. Because I don't play Aumm much anymore haha

Kazuhiro taught me how to get Harpy's Armour. Just talk to this NPC you can get free 10min armour, no limit.

After that, we go to Rudis School. He explain to me how to get the license, need to mix the monster type you want. I choose Bird & Animal. So I need to mix 1Bird & 1Animal core and tran the core to 10lv, bring the core to see the Girl NPC again.

Talk to her, and go to mix another 1Bird 1Animal.

Wait every hour 30~35min, to enter the map.

Harpy Armour can randomly get from any map.

Because of some mistake I made, I did not enter the Rudis School special map. Kazuhiro told me I need to finish it within 24Hours.

It is very inconviniece for asking him explain to me in English Haha... I feel bad ww

Tomorrow, to be continue....


April Fool 2010

I thought this is a Monster? But its only a NPC. Looks funny, haha

I translate the Official Website of Jpmm, and get to know the NPC to move into this map. With a big "?" Mark on the mini map. The monsters are all looks so strong, but I think same as lv1 monster. Its too easy to kill and its drop alots of items.

I was surprise and happy when I drop boots, clouds and some bags. But I remember arisa told me the items was opposite, cloud will make you move slow, GP up will becomes GP Down. Haha... I'm not a fool this year. huhu....