New Discover~

I can't stop thinking whats "New" in the game.... I check around the players blogs and see cores.

So I log in again to find out.

I saw a very Cute Message Board at Rudis. (But I don't know what it is for?)

Then I went to pass map.

Finally found the "Cabbage Bunny".... or dog?... w

Then I Giant Chikaki... I saw Tenkaki too, but I forgot to take Screen Shot.

And this Red Ant?

And Checker!! Where is the eyes? Haha (These all are weak, easy to kill)

Then I come back to Current Map and go to Lunancy Dungeon.

I saw the Ugly Spider, 2 colours.

And they died cute. Haha

Lastly I found this.... Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (O.O)

B I G!!!

But Cute too (^_^)

メリークリスマス 2011

Long Time!!

My last update was 05.05.11... Whao, its almost half year....

I love Christmas in Mixmaster. Always alot of festival gift, events, monsters and many many things. Its so happening in there \(^O^)/

I logged in today, my character was diffrent. I tried to figure out how to change it back because I found that some character still remain the old look. (New character looks a little gay =.=)

I try to find someone that can speak English but..... wwww

Then I try to find some place to see the any changes. I saw the big purple bird. Haha

Angry Bird?!! wwwwwwwwwwwwww

Alots of new pets in the town. There are also a Rabbit with cabbage on it head, I think thats the event pet. How to get it?... Its always difficult for me because I can't read Japanese, The official website of Mixmaster don't provide too much informations too.

Anyway, I'll be busy in the year end for holiday.

Wishing everybody who visit my blog....