My warehouse is full. I want to clear some cores, I have 2 mametuno maxed level. Maybe I should mix it to some other cores.

Today I train a little bit, My character level up to 101lv. I trained BattleDragon.

I'm bad at mixing... My mix skill don't even reach lv2... >_<

At night, I joined 紅の魔笛. Together with arisa and Capsule. I forgot how to exchange the stones... It needs 30pcs of it and changed to Green Card. I only received 20lv Metal core... Today is bad, maybe I try again tomorrow.

After the quest, I asked arisa to mix BattleRoyale for me. He failed 3times, but my BattleRoyale still above base level. ^o^ Yay!!

Arisa show me his mini base cores... so tiny~



I've done this Pheonix's Red Stone!!

Next is..... 賢者の知惠(2) & 妖精の羽(1)

But... There are 3items looks same. Monster drop is same too.

I can't read the name of the items! www

賢者の愛、賢者の勇気、賢者の知惠.... I will hunt all and let the NPC choose with want he want. Haha



早上收到 Sachiko 先生的短讯,

Ohayo, I made mistake, Actually it was next week tuesday that I got something on, not today. If both of u agree, I can do tuition today. But next tuesday I have to cancel. Sorry for my confusion...

I replied:

Hai, konitiwa. Wakaru, both of us will go tonight.

Sachiko 先生 replied:

wakatta. Ja Matane. See u tonight.


WAKATTA (要用过去试)



1. 山田さんはゲイと思います
2. 山田さんは「僕はゲイ」と言います。
3. 山田さんはゲイですよ。


I made alots of mistake during the class www


World Quest Chapter III

I want to do this Quest, but I thought the quest cannot be start... something is wrong. But arisa told me I already started... So I go to the NPC one by one to check. The NPC at Mekrita behind the building sent me to this map.

Nobody was here... But I drop alots of Coins. Haha (I thought the monster was strong, and I thought I was gonna die in here)

First talk to this Ghost NPC. (I don't know what she is telling me)

Then I get the key from a Man NPC and go to the Stone NPC. This Stone doesn't let me move to another map.

So I check the Website, I only don't have enough item. =.=" (I thought only need 1pc of 冰の欠片)

I give up when I only drop 4pcs of it.

Walk around the street, I remember arisa told me there is a new Armour in my Mall Icon. It supose to looks like this.

OH!!..... GREY RITA!!

I found this conversation I took SS. I think longtime ago... this one is weird... Sometimes people talk to me in private, I don't know what to answer....

I have to go Japanese Class tonight, I will continue this quest when I come back. Maybe tomorrow?



Video Day

I watch funny video at YouTube while I'm doing nothing at home.

This Video is Cute and Pitty... I laugh and cry at the same time.. XD


Live on Shinigami *_*

Hello, Long time no see. lol

Sorry because I was away from MixMaster for this 2weeks. Now I think my body is ok, just a little bit annoying because I'm still under control of my diet and alots of food I cannot eat. I also cannot eat too much... =.="

Aumm was having an Events Core x4, EXP x2 during every weekend. For those high level players it is a good chance to train cores and improve the Character's level.

Althought just a few Shinigami members was online, but during the 7hours of the events. We don't feel boring and we chat alots like we never do. XD It was a very happy day. The SS below is Mac doing some weird actions.... Haha

Because of some houseworks I need to do at home. I only can hunt about 5hours. During the 5hours, my best drop item is Synergy Upgrade Potions!! My First SUP in AUMM!!

Hubster was online too, but I'm not sure if most of the time he is AFK. Althought he din't come back for a very long time, we still like to mess up with him and like to help him. The SS was when he wanted to go to Purmai Map, me and Shaw helping him to drop Nails and Panels.
He still like to hunt it that map.... =.=" (Like never change)

Maybe not much people online, but compare with other days in MM. This is consider alots, I'm just feel happy when I see these Friends are online lol.

After the hunt, everybody get tired especially Cowtamer, his time zone is like 11pm-6am?? It's a sleeping time!! This "Cow" should be call "OWL"... I only can say すごい。

After the hunt, I check AUmm official Website. There're alots of changes, AUD becomes USD. For Malaysians, the rate is like RM5.00 more expensive.... ouch~ But good thing is there will be some increment when you buy certain amount of LC. (Time limited)

Also the Sales, Do you think is good? Those items mostly like not tradeble... LOL? What for?...

About Seiga Affairs, Archimonde used the Leadership to play last week when I'm not around. I took it back and transfer to Hunter.

I think I'm selfish... I won't let Shinigami to play SA. I asked the members if they want to play, they did not give me positives reply. So I guess, my decision is correct....

Next weekend, lets train again together!! ^_^