Ninja Vs Ninja

Today, I figured out how to use the "Ninja Armour"... I thought double click. But actually need use as an Item in your Inventory.

The Screen becomes, Ninja fighting!! Move Speed Up and Attack Up, very usefull temporily item. I love it very much!!

Today, I leveled up 4lv Ballza & 2lv Up Swordtail.

Time is very limited.

I like this armour, it looks sexy and wild. Haha...

After finished training, I saw this Darkpitt with Magic Circle, having this sort of core must be feeling very special.

In Jpmm, you always can see some people displaying the cores and character in "ROM" Mode (AFK Mode) Sometimes I think its look like Cosplay in somewhere at the street of Japan. Very interesting... ですね?www



Uhhhhh.... I am amazed.

I think my Japanese is improved again. Wahaha... I din't wait arisa to tell me how to go to the map and I found it by myself! But still I cannot enter at the 2nd time, arisa told me only can enter this map ONCE a DAY and ONE Hour ONLY!!

EXP is pretty good, I trained my Ballza for few % Up.

Several type of Colours and Level for the Ninja Girls.

Pink and Blue


Orange and White

This I take because of Purple Cat Hahaha

Black and Blue

Green and ... Pink?

I remember Korea MM - WantToDevil told me Japan MM is so Colourfull. Characters, Cores.... Items... & etc etc.... Once again, Jpmm surprised me. They're just so amazing...


Before Valentines

One of my favorite song, longtime ago...

Jpmm started Valentines Event

I log in today but no time to play =.=|||